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Fresh Cream Monterey, CA
I first visited Fresh Cream about 6 years ago. It is my absolute favorite restaurant. It is worth a trip from San Jose just to have dinner. While the food is incredible and the setting elegant, it's acceptable to go in decent casual attire, which is nice if you are spending the day at the coast. If you love rack of lamb or duck, try your favorite here. My very favorite dish is the lobster ravioli, which has a delicate sauce absolutely to die for. It is an appetizer but last time we visited I was told I could have a larger portion as an entree. Entrees come with salad. Wine list is excellent. Servers are all helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Perfect birthday or anniversary spot. Salud!
Sam's BBQ San Jose, CA
The Q here is quite yummy and it doesn't hurt that they have a nice selection of microbrews available to help wash down the sauce. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the electric train set running around the ceiling. Overall good joint. Try it!
White Lotus San Jose, CA
OK, let me begin by saying I'm not a vegetarian. But this place has plenty to keep me coming back. I second the recommendation above regarding the stuffed tomatoes and the eggplant claypot. Incredibly delicious. Service at a recent lunch was extremely slow when it came to gettin our check and paying for the meal, so if you're in a hurry to get back to work, you might want to say something.
Les Saisons (at the Fairmont) San Jose, CA
Believe it or not, I had the absolute worst service I have EVER had anywhere at this restaurant. While the food was quite good (3-4 stars), we had an incredible time getting waited on initially (a good 15 minutes just to get a menu and initial contact!). Courses were served haphazardly. At the end of the meal our desserts were gone before coffee arrived. You get the picture. I guess any restaurant can have an off night, although one doesn't expect it to be THIS off at a place of this caliber (and price!). What was especially irksome was (a) we couldn't even find the maitre 'd when we left to lodge a complaint, and (b) I never got a response to a letter I wrote to the manager, detailing our experience. I will never ever go here again.