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Le Pot Au Feu Menlo Park, CA
We went for a pre-movie dinner and they accomdated our schedule very well. (Read, they weren't snooty!) My husband had the salmon in puff pastry as described above. Rich sauce, yes -- but it was served on the side (without our asking) and we really appreciated that. I had their specialty "Le pot au feu" and it was divine. It is a dish of boiled veggies, chicken breast and beef short rib. (Sort of like a fresher, tastier corned beef and cabbage). It was served accompanied by sea salt, dijon mustard, and cornichons. I wanted something simple and this certainly was. I liked being able to taste different bites depending on what I put on it. A delicious dish -- and fun to eat too! We had a great time and appreciate their attentive and speedy service. (We thought the latter would be impossible in a French restaurant.)
2030 Redwood City, CA
We heard great things about this restaurant so some friends and I decided to check it out. We were a little wary when we first arrived for our 7PM reservation because there was absolutely no one in the restaurant... and this was a Friday night. At about 7:30, 7:45, the place was suddenly packed with people and became much more fun and lively. All of our dinners were excellent, and the service was impeccable, but the most memorable part of our dining experience was the home made blueberry icecream. Pure heaven!!!!! The back patio is cute, but the bar area is very, very small -- and seemed a little unwelcoming.
New Tung Kee San Jose, CA
Located in kind of a sketchy neighborhood. Restaurant was clean which was nice. Seemed to offer any type of noodle dish you could imagine, but no pho -- which is what we were craving on the day we went. The noodle soup we did order seemed kind of a hybrid between a Chinese soup and a Vietnamese soup. Noodles were overcooked -- too mushy. Fast service, though.
The Stinking Rose San Francisco, CA
Great if you are in the mood for garlic, but I think the entrees are too overpriced for what you get. I've been there a few times and think that the best way to eat there is to order the bagna calda, lots of bread, and one of their excellent caesar salads. The food is not that outstanding -- typical of Italian chain type restaurant. I really don't like the rushed service and how they pack 6 people in a booth that comfortably would seat 4. However, fun place to go with a large group and worth trying at least once -- but be prepared to smell like garlic for days.
Miyake Palo Alto, CA
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I'm surprised to see so many favorable reviews because this restaurant has to have THE WORST sushi I've ever had. The fish is not fresh, the miso soup is watery, the waiters seem to be Latino -- not Japanese -- and if you happen to be female, prepare to be hit on/groped by them. If you go, look around. How many Japanese people do you see eating there? It is filled with drunken college students who go to drink large size beers and sake. I'm from Hawaii where we have excellent sushi bars and this place doesn't cut it, not even close. Drive to Menlo Park and eat a Toshi's sushi-ya or to Burlingame to eat at Isobune, or even one block over to Lytton to eat at Jidai-ya -- now that's sushi!
Jidai-ya Palo Alto, CA
*Excellent* sushi -- fresh and beautifully presented. Sublime, rustic Japanese decor. Also, the plates/bowls/eating utensils are so interesting that it's like you are eating on works of art. Truly a delightful restaurant and worth visiting if you are in the mood for sushi or udon. Many patron were Japanese (speaking Japanese) when we went and we took that to be a good sign. One of the best Japanese restaurants I've even eaten in. They have a sushi bar or table seating.
Los Gallos Menlo Park, CA
Informal Mexican restaurant with fantastic vegetarian burritos, well-flavored and not greasy. The carne asada (steak) burrito is also delicious and doesn't taste heavy or greasy. They use fresh ingredients and can "build" burritos however you like them. Also try the quesadillas. Don't miss the salsa or jalapenos en escabeche. They also serve fresh squeezed carrot and orange juices. They offer full dinners too. Limited seating 6-7 tables, I recommend take out so you can eat as sloppily as you like!
Vietnam Restaurant Menlo Park, CA
Yummy vegetarian spring rolls and delicious, subtley flavored pho (soup). Big plus for a sparkling clean atmosphere
Applewood Inn Menlo Park, CA
Not a fan of pizza at all, but will eat Applewood Pizza!! Try one of their specialty pizzas or create your own. I particularly like the BBQ Chicken and cilantro pizza.
Gombei Japanese Restaurant Menlo Park, CA
I'm from Hawaii (where we have excellent Japanese food) and eating at Gombei always reminds me of home. We eat there once at week and you can never go wrong with the daily specials. Fish is always fresh and the miso soup is very good. The cold noodle specials offered mainly in the summer time are sublime.
Viet Nam Thuc Pham Menlo Park, CA
Couldn't get past the dirtiness of this restaurant. it was truly unappetizing. I thought the pho was too strong-tasting and too greasy.
Bagel Works Palo Alto, CA
Still has great bagels but has gone downhill since transfer of ownder ship. Who are those idiots working behind the counter?
Chantilly Palo Alto, CA
Superb food and service. Great place for "venture capitalist" watching.
Palo Alto Sol Palo Alto, CA
The best Mexican food around -- I especically like the Caldo de Pollo -- delicious, clear chicken soup with fresh avocado, tomato, cilantro, onion and lime. Sort of like posole. Great when you are sick. Yummy salsa too!