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Recent reviews by Lukeman
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Ajanta Berkeley, CA
The service is only average, as my friends and I almost had to yell to get the waiters' attention. But the food made up for it though. Bread with mango sauce is great, and i paticularly like their curry salmon. Chicken is average, just the quality you would get at most Indian restaurant. Dessert is skippable.
Masse's Pastries Berkeley, CA
$20-30 for a whole cake, which is about 7in. Although it is a little bit expensive, it absolutely worths it! All ingredients are fresh and to the right proportion, and you won't find excessive whip cream to override the taste of the cake. Even a person who doesn't like sweets such as me, I crave Marcia Masse's chiffon and tiramisu!
The counter help has been very friendly and helpful. She really took the time to explain me what ingredients they use in each cake (at her best).
I am impressed that a small store such as Masse's can have such wide selection of pastries.