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Restaurant Name City
Ferraro's Family Restaurant Canton, OH
This is a 24 hours restaurant that offers breakfast at anytime. The food isn't anything to brag about, and the place isn't very clean, the service was the best thing about Ferraro's.
Tim's Tavern Canton, OH
Years ago this was the best place to get a good fish dinner in town. Now, things are a little different. The last time I was there, the fish was dripping with grease, and everything was just thrown at us. I felt like they were trying to push people through as fast as they could, haven't been back since.
Choices Family Restaurant Canton, OH
Not a very busy place, but good sandwiches, great onion rings, and friendly service.
Heggy's Nut Shop Canton, OH
This is a great place for a burger and fries, and on your way out you can pick up some munchies for later. Great nuts, and they're milkshakes are the best.
Reunions Pub Canton, OH
Nice clean restaurant/bar. I've never had anything that wasn't good here, and the service was friendly.
Darrah's Family Restaurant Canton, OH
Ate here once and have never been back, the food was floating in grease on the plate. Need I say more?
Knight's Restaurant Canton, OH
Knight's isn't as good as it used to be, after my last visit there, I've avoided this restaurant.
Hometown Buffet Canton, OH
The employees were helpful, but I didn't find it as good as the other reviewers. The buffet tables weren't filled, and some of the food was cold! The manager actually game us our money back and we went elsewhere.
Old Country Buffet Canton, OH
The price is right for what you get, although I'll never go back. I felt as if the food was left over from the day before. Besides that, I think we were the only ones there that still had their teeth!
Ricky Ly's Chinese Gourmet Canton, OH
This is a quality restaurant. Excellent staff, great assortment of dishes, never a let down. On sundays they offer a brunch buffet that is excellent, a good time to try this restaurant if you just want to check out the food, and only $9.00 on Sunday!
Flaming Pit Canton, OH
although I don't know why this is listed as a chinese restaurant, I was there recently. Regular american food-just ok at it's best. Staff was friendly, small salad bar, and sometimes a small food bar.
Chang Szechuan Restaurant Canton, OH
Dined here once and have never been back. The place could have been cleaner, and they must use every perservative known to man, as I immediately had a headache, and other reactions from excess preservatives. I would never recommend this restaurant.
El Campesino Canton, OH
This is an excellent mexican restaurant. Go early if it's a dinner date, because there's almost always a line at night. Service is excellent, and staff is always friendly. Nothing fancy about this place, just good food.
3 Gringos Canton, OH
This is a small restaurant that's been there for years. Never had a bad meal there, and they're drinks are good! They also offer some other dishes for the little ones who still want a burger and fries.
Gulliver's 77 Travel Plaza Canton, OH
I don't know why this is listed as a Mexican restaurant, as it's just a truck stop. The food is good, but they are skimpy with their portions. There's a gift shop there, and also a little store where the truckers can buy whatever they're out of. Interesting, but not mexican.
Kraus Pizza Co Canton, OH
excellent pizza shop! One of the only pizza shops around that offer a topper crust, and is it GOOOD! Highly recommended!
Sparta Steak House & Lounge Canton, OH
this place hasn't changed much over the years......except for the prices. Good food, but a little over priced.
Bachelli's Italian Villa Canton, OH
This is a basic italian restaurant. Food is good, but there's better. Service has always been excellent. A nice lunch restaurant.
Italian Oven Restaurant Canton, OH
This place has some of the most over priced pasta I've ever eaten. Nothing special about this, I think most people like the atmosphere here. Personally, I'd rather go to Olive Garden.
Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor Canton, OH
This is an excellent ice cream parlor, old fashioned, and family friendly. Very good home made ice cream, and their milk shakes are the best.