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Isobune Sushi San Francisco, CA
This is one place where I've gone back a few times because of the freshness of the sushi, good service, and the little boats that circle the inner edges of a large oval table carrying the various sushis to choose from. The wait can get rather long some times (over 45 minutes on weekends) but if you don't mind, I think it's worth it. There are certain items such as California rolls and others which they don't put on them little boats but can be ordered. The price is quite reasonable considering the freshness of the food, but if not careful, you can easily run up a nice bill well above $70 or $80 for 2.
Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine Redwood City, CA
I've eaten at this place a few times when I used to work nearby. As I remember, the food was quit delicious, the environment was clean, and the service was okay. I'm one of those that have to feel completely comfortable at a restaurant to eat there...meaning, the environment must be clean, the dishes, utensils, cups, and tables must be spotless. Overall, the food was great! 2 thumbs up!!!