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Recent reviews by Lennart L.
Restaurant Name City
Mandarin Gourmet Palo Alto, CA
Boring, bland food in an "expensive" atmosphere -- a worthy little sibling of its neighbor, Star's. I've eaten at Mandarin Gourmet three or four times now, but I've always been disappointed with their value for money. Actually, I don't think I would return even if they lowered their price -- with the abundance of excellent Chinese restaurants in the area, I simply see no particular reason to frequent this one. Go to China Delight around the corner on Emerson instead. You'll have an excellent meal for a fraction of the cost and quite good service too.
Janta Palo Alto, CA
Great lunch buffet with dinner dishes ranging from excellent to OK. Had I had a more consistent fare, I would have raised the rating to 4 Stars. Somewhat on the pricy side, but I love their prawns in spinach.
Q Cafe Billiards Palo Alto, CA
Q is basically an upscale sports bar with *pricy* pool tables (~$14/h) and live music ($5 cover) on weekends. Still, as long as you can stand the congregation of yuppies and preppies, it actually isn't all that bad. The burgers are unusually tasty and their selection of microbrews on tap is quite decent. Go for the Perry Cider if you want to try something different. Be prepared to stand in line if you arrive during prime time.
California Pizza Kitchen Palo Alto, CA
A bit pricy, but very tasty pizzas with a wide variety of toppings. They also do soup, salad, pasta, and some grilled items. All pizzas are "individual sized", so don't expect to share. My personal favorite is the Shrimp Scampi with shrimp, roasted garlic, sweet white onion, oregano, Italian parsley, and a white wine lemon-garlic butter ($8.95). Yum!
Elbe Palo Alto, CA
Elbe isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for. Quiet, secluded atmosphere and some downright excellent and very authentic central European dishes. It almost makes me nostalgic enough to move back. The staff is everything I want from a good restaurant: quiet, efficient, and knowledgable. Definitely one of Palo Alto's best restaurants.
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
Good food, excellent beer, but *noisy*! Forget about having a conversation over dinner because their acoustics is so bad that you'll have to scream most of the time and cup your hand behind your ear to hear any replies. The food is upscale "California" cuisine, albeit pretty average as such. The beer, however, really is quite good, especially the Dunkles. Worth a visit, but avoid Friday evenings.
China Delight Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
Very good Chinese food with speedy service. I personally much prefer China Delight for their neighbor, Jing-Jing, both because I find Delight's food much fresher and better tasting, but also because their staff is more attentive.
Taxi's Hamburgers Palo Alto, CA
Interesting decor, but dull, bland burgers and nothing much else on the menu. The distributed jukebox is cool, but many of the songs are mislabeled and nobody seems to care. No, if you crave a burger, go to Q or Oasis or the Redwood City Pub instead -- they're much better for the same price.
Jim's Coffee Shop Palo Alto, CA
Ugh, avoid. Bad service and dull food. With so many other good Cafes in the area, there is no reason to subject oneself to Jim's. If you're really craving for a good old American pancakes & eggs breakfast, go to Pete's in Menlo Park instead. That place is a jewel!