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Restaurant Name City
Cherie Inn Grand Rapids, MI
This neighborhood spot is busy, attractive, and a good spot for breakfast or lunch. Breakfast is very good with specilaity omlets. Service can be very good. Parking is on the street. definately worth a try if the chains are not your thing and you are in the area.
Gas Light Inn Grand Rapids, MI
Nieghborhood spot with street parking. Closes early in the evening around 8. small, service can vary. Breakfast times this palce can be busy.
Holly's Landing & Escapades Grand Rapids, MI
This place has been around for a long time. Try their speciality dressing on your salad. Service can be very good. There are tables that have a ncie view of the river. Bar next door with music. steaks and chicken are good.
Paunchy Pete's Grand Rapids, MI
This bar and grill gets varying reviews. Some of our friends think it is great. We have had bad service and food that is so-so. This is a bar and grill. Drinks are good. menu is tyipcal bar and grill far nothing unusual.
Front Street Brewery Davenport, IA
Appetizers were good. Beer was cold. Service could have been better. Had to wait to get our check.
Kurly's Korner Grand Rapids, MI
Bar and grill. Service can be good. Meals and sandwiches are reasonably priced. the place is a bit mildewy and can be smoky.
Pop's Restaurant Grand Rapids, MI
Nice local place for lunch. Service is friendly. This place is in a strip mall near D&W's.
Sandi's Family Restaurant Grand Rapids, MI
Local diner with lots of neighborhood customers. Wait staff know many of thier customers. Dinner specials can be very reasonable. Fried chicken, ham and scord are recommended. Service can vary.
Uccello's Pizza Restaurante Grand Rapids, MI
The front of this restaurant is a bar for those under 35. In the back is a quite family restaurant. Service in the back is good. Paste dishes are worthwhile. Look for coupons. Pizza is popular too. Parking can be a problem on weekends.
Bono's Italian Restaurant Grand Rapids, MI
Newer owners of this long established neighborhood eatery. We tried the Thursday night buffet. Place was busier than it has been in years. Food for very average but there was plenty of it. We were not impressed.
Paking in back is ample.
Service was friendly and very attentive.
Brunch/ breakfasth buffet offered for the weekend very reasonably priced.
Holly's Back Door Bar & Grill Grand Rapids, MI
We stumbled upon this place because of a coupon. Enter from behind the hotel, plenty of parking. Wait staff is very attentive and friendly. There is a buffet, with soup, salad bar. fountains were running each time we ate here. This palce is not busy even on a Friday night- do n't understand that because the food was good.
Rafferty's Restaurant Muskegon, MI
Located on the waterfront. Open windows to the sights, can be very pretty as the sun sets. Wait staff was very attentive. Plenty of parking.
Brie appettizer was very tasty. My meal was fantastic, chicken, my husbands prime rib was very average. Drinks were served cold and tasty too.
Very romantic setting. We sampled thier fare in the winter, there was no wait but I am sure that would be different in the warmer months.
Tony's Restaurant Muskegon, MI
Well estabshised restaurant, older crowd frequents this place. plenty of parking. Samll banquet room available, that seats 40 well. Bar is available.
Service was friendly but not attentive but there was a large party in our section taking up much of the waitress' time.
Meal was pricey but not exceptional. I think my father-in-law who is in his late 70's would like this place more than we did.
Steak and pasta were the order of the day.
Olive Garden Grand Rapids, MI
Service has improved in recent years. Expect a wait for less than 15 minutes even during the week.
Salad and breaksticks are good with each meal. I still like the simple pasta dishes. Husband likes the fish selections, which are usually very moist when served.
Mushroom pasta was a good selection last time we dined here.
Ample parking, east of Woodland Mall.
Arnies Breton Village Grand Rapids, MI
Service can be varied here. Even found the restaurant a bit messy, when it is not bused. Expect a wait of 10-15 minutes of more on the weekends. Plenty of parking. Restaurant is located in Breton Village parking lot.
Menu includes salads, sandwhiches, soups and various combinations, full meals (steak has been cooked not to order and a bit dry). Pasta meals have ample servings. Mushroom pasta is worth trying, served with more pasta.
Home made bread is worth smapling.
Save room for dessert!
Heart smart selections available.
Breakfast is served here too during specified hours only.
John Branns of Cascade Grand Rapids, MI
Informal sandwhich and steak resaurant. Service is friendly and repsonsive. Plenty of parking. Choice of resaurant or sports bar. No wait except possibly at lunch or weekends but we have had no problems.
Check local papers for coupons.
Yeast rolls are the speciality. We still like the sizzler which this long time local spot is famous for!
Speedy lunches are available.
check out the server's t-shirits! Always gives us a chuckle!
Arnies Bakery-Restaurants Grand Rapids, MI
Manu inlcudes soup and salads, apetizers, and full meals. Breakfast is served during morning hours. Expect a wait. Service varies greatly. Try the homemade desserts. The lemon meringe pie is a family favorite.
Service had declined in the past 3 years that we had been here in over a year. We were pleasantly surprized to have good service and warm meals.
ample parking
Max and Erma's Grand Rapids, MI
National Chain located in Woodland Mall. Service can be very good. Soemtimes it is a bit cold in the restaurant. there can be a wait at peak times.
Menu offers apetizers, soups, salads, burgers and full meals.
Drinks are available.
Joe's Coney Island Southfield, MI
Service was friendly but not attentive. The potatoes with our breakfasts were not cooked completely, friends bacon raw then brunt. No refills on drinks. Took us a long time to get served then waited for our meal. I would not recommend it. Maybe Saturday mornings are just not the time to come here!
Bentley's Inn Bar & Restaurant Stratford, ON
Downtown eatery and bar. Busy, busy, busy. Service is so-so. Menu offered something for each of us. Fish & Chips was good, as was the soup. Plan to wait. This is walking distance to the plays. We stop by here each time we are in town.
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