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Recent reviews by Sarah
Restaurant Name City
Fish Market San Mateo, CA
I love this restaurant. The top of the Market upstairs has a fantastic crab melt sandwich. I recommend sitting at the counter and watching the cooks as they prepare the most mouth-watering assortment of sea food imaginable. Also during the spring and summer the outside dining on the first floor is especially nice. And, believe it or not they have a fantastic desert selection. The Fish Market is an awesome restaurant.
Kabul Afghan Cuisine San Carlos, CA
This is restaurant is good, but the food seemed better when they first opened about ten years ago. Last time I went their eggplant dish was not as good as it had been in the past, it seemed as though they reduced the quantity of spice used.
Viet Hung San Mateo, CA
He's right the service does not exist; however, the food is fantastic. Some of the best Vietnamese food to be found outside of San Jose or the tenderloin! I first fell in love with Vietnamese food when I was 17, and going to school in SF, and the closest restaurants were such. I ate it everyday for a year and loved every bite. VietHung excels at their bun as well as their appetizers.
B44 San Francisco, CA
I tried a paella that consisted of what looked like beef rice-a-roni with some shrimp scattered on top and calamari mixed it. It was extremely greasy and very bland. The shrimp and calamari were overcooked, to the point where the shrimp had a strange almost mealy texture - like a bad apple. Anyway, the best things about the restaurant were its tapas and desserts. The Sausage with white beans was delicious, and the fresh berries with cream were very good as well. Their coffee drinks are good too. Although I would recommend staying away from the spanish merlot on the wine list.
Creo La. San Carlos, CA
I think the food is fantastic! I especially enjoy the way they get specials with exotic things like aligator. Dinners there are always interesting and special. My husband and I went there for valentine's day once and they had the most spectacular valentines dinner menu. The included dessert was a flour-less chocolate cake and was so over-the-top rich. Great food!!! I highly recommend it.
I personally don't find the portions too small either, usually I can't finish what I order, and I'm a slightly bigger than average woman.