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Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine Redwood City, CA
Had their cheap "Early Bird" specisl, 5pm-7pm. Soup, salad, two selections from a list of about 15.. $8.50! The lemon chicken soup was tasty! Salad, OK. The chicken/curry/coconut milk dish was good, but the beef/peanut/curry dish was was quite good. Well worth the price! I may want to try their main menu, though, to try some of the more exotic dishes. Heat level = barely noticable.. ask for more spice if you want it.
Jing Jing Szechwan Hunan Gourmet Palo Alto, CA
The entire "Chefs specials" of about 15 dishes is printed entirely in red print.. with a note saying something like "Don't even try to order these without hot spices." I liked the potstickers. The hot and sour soup was OK, but not nearly in the same class of Yuen Yung's in Menlo Park. The orange peel beef was VERY tasty but awkward to eat, the chunks of beef were so large they had to be eaten in three or four seperate bites. The shredded chicken in spicy garlic sauce was all right. Service was reasonable. prices quite reasonable. There's PLENTY of nearby parking in lots and on the street, but downtown Palo Alto is so busy that all this parking is awfully full.. good luck.
Siam Garden Menlo Park, CA
Bigger restauarnt than it appears from the street. Nice public parking lot right next door. Food was excellent, however three complaints. First, the spicy food wasn't spicy enough, but that is probably because they're jsut cautious.. next time I go I'll ask for more spice. Second, the food was not hot enough: thermally. Oddly this was true of the tea, the three main dishes, and the rice. Strange! The great chicken+curry dish was excellent, but at the end the curry sauce was so tepid it wasn't really appitetizing. Third, for the prices of the dishes, they were very small. This was most notably true of the curry dish, which was so small we at first thought that they were splitting it for individuals. Even with these complaints, though, it was actually very tasty. I definately plan to return.
Amandine Menlo Park, CA
Normally a bakery, on Fridays and Saturdays they serve food in a very small add-on room. They usally have a choice of a cheese fondue and one other dish. Meals come with a salad and a very very nice dessert (it IS a swiss bakery!). A bit pricey, and the swiss folk music in tinny speakers is a bit annoying, but it's fun to go to anyway.