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Colazione Cafe South San Francisco, CA
This deli offers lunch and breakfast for those who work in the nearby industrial parks. It is family owned and run and the banter as your food is being prepared is the entertainment. There are both hot and cold food items on the menu. Their specialities are Italian (hence the name Colizone)however they also offer a good selection of middle eastern dishes. (lentils and rice, hummus, tobuli, falafel sandwiches, etc.) They offer the standard range of deli sandwiches along with caesar salads, and grilled chicken plates.
Masa's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Masa's is rated by just about everyone as the best French restaurant in SF. I was disappointed. No question, the food is 5 star. The food prepared by Chef Serrano was worth the visit alone. They offer 2 menus (both fixed prices) the less expensive at $ 70./person offers the best variety and lets you choose from each category. The more expensive ($ 75./person) offers an additional course (another dessert) but there aren't as many choices as some courses have only one option. The wine list seems endless and whatever you desire...they have it. Figure spending $ 100./person for dinner. The service our party of 4 received was not of the 5 star caliber. We were seated in a corner of the restaurant and the service was frankly....lacking. There were times when some of our water glasses and bread plates were empty, and there was a lot of time in between courses. They certainly have enough service staff to give the best of service, but.... The interior is elegant with red velvet drapes and gold accent cords. The pictures on the wall were rather stodgy and I expected something with a little more unique and classy. If you are looking for a special place to conduct business or impress someone.....have dinner in their wine cellar. It is in the hotel, across from the kitchen, and not down in the dungeon, but actually upstairs from the restaurant.
Greco-Romana Pizza Caffe San Francisco, CA
This restaurant was one of the first to offer pizzas with unusual toppings and they have maintained their originality. Start off with their Greek Salad, enjoy the house wine or pitcher of beer and then settle in for a great pizza. You can watch them hand throw your pizza while you munch on the great bread. Their pizzas with the Greek toppings is what I especially enjoy. They are not greasy and have lots of fresh onions, tomatoes and Feta cheese.
India Cafe San Bruno, CA
This is a Vegetarian Indian Restaurant. For lunch they offer a buffet. It's not very fancy (a steam table), but does contain the basic types of Indian food you would expect. Because it is vegetarian there are no tandori or curries. The Buffet cost $ 4.99 and with a drink from their cooler, the total came to $ 6.50. Each meal is served with hot bread served from the kitchen. (at no extra cost) The decor is basic Cafe, not too spartan but comfortable enough for lunch. (Not a romantic place for dinner) The place is quiet except for a large screen TV in the corner which was tuned to Indian TV.
Tazza San Mateo, CA
This restaurant is located upstairs and features nouveau Spanish cuisine. They are currently running a Dinner Special for 2 which includes soup or salad, entree, and dessert for $ 29.95. The entrees on the specials are somewhat limited but cover a wide enough variety to satisfy most tastes. The homemade soups were excellent and the salad (spinach with roasted garlic & feta cheese) were generous. Our party had the Filet Mignon in Cabernet sauce, Lamb chops with green beans, and stewed rabbit with Anaheim peppers....all dishes were excellent. I enjoyed the spanish/continental spicing this restaurant uses. The desserts are limited to just Flan or Tiramisu. It was a very enjoyable dining experience!
Wang's House San Bruno, CA
A great lunch place. A value for your money. Nothing fancy about the interior. The tables and chairs are covered in plastic and the service is friendly and prompt. Each entree comes with soup and Kimchee and the specials at $ 4.99/each are enough for dinner. Each one is served on a bed of rice with two large deep-fried wonton skins. Try their asparagus/beef or greenbeans/chicken....there great!
Shaleemar San Bruno, CA
Shaleemar used to be called "The Treat". Even more confusing is the menus say "Kwality" possibly from another Indian restaurant?? This Indian restaurant has been around for a few years. It was formerly a pizza joint. The quality of the food is quite good and authentic Indian. It offers 7 Tandori dishes with the "Mix Tandori Grill" being enough for two light eaters if you add rice. The Nan (Bread) dishes are a real value. (Try the Keema Nan!) Lamb and Vegetarian dishes are very good. This place lacks a formal atmosphere, but it always quiet and offers the chance for conversation with your fellow diner. For resonable prices you get authentic Indian food!
Ephesus Redwood City, CA
Excellent Turkish food. The wait-staff friendly and very accomodating. One of the few places you can find that has and serves Turkish wine. Meal was authentic and there was plenty of menu choices. There were three disappointments. (1) They did not have Lamajun(sp?) or the equivalent of Turkish lamb pizza on the menu....the owner explained the quality wasn't there...so they have imported a new chef who can make the dish. He should be there by August. (2) Traditionally entrees are served with orange or lemon wedges. I had to ask for them. (3) Dessert menu is limited. That' Ok if you only like Bakalava. All in all the only Turkish restaurant around is the best!