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Restaurant Name City
Anthe's Akron, OH
really great chefs and the food is great and the service is wonderful...if u just need a pic me up go here u will always get service with a smile and awesome food...
Waterloo Restaurant & Catering Akron, OH
i really didnt like this place we ordered the chicken dinner special and when it arrived it was cold inside the chicken and the mashed potatos where not good at all... i wouldnt recommmend this place to my dog
Arthur Treacher's Seafood Akron, OH
i really like this place and have been going for years now...they have great food in a restuarant right next to a major one and still have personal service and great food..its very nice to have a place like this among the major ones
Belgrade Gardens Barberton, OH
its a bit expensive but its the best chicken house ive ever had...ive had family who have left the state of ohio and said they wish they had a belgrades where they move to...its great food is always great takes some time for the food to get to u is the only bad thing but its worth it...its a family restuarant with dress code open...
Parassons Italian Restaurant Barberton, OH
its an italian restuarant with great food and service located in downtown barberton accross the street from a main shopping center and always busy...its fast and good you get in and out very fast and remember to leave a tip for the waiters...
CHIN'S Chineese food carryout Barberton, OH
its got great chinese food for everyone even toddlers..they have fried apples that kids love for desert and lunch specials that are cheap...a dinner, eggroll and fried rice for 2.95 and they are very generous with their portions...2 can eat 1 lunch menu item...actually i have a toddler and a 10 year old and myself and we all have enough from 1 lunch item and leftovers...they have frid crameat and cheese like no one else and the best sweet n sour warm sauce ive ever had
Hopocan Gardens Barberton, OH
its got a great dinner special and enough to feed and army ..for a low price u can feed a family of 6 and still have leftovers...its a little restuarant but has great service and food so it makes up for trying to find the place...i was recommended there 9 years ago and havent really found no ones chicken to match it...
Cathedral Buffet & Banquet Ctr Cuyahoga Falls, OH
if u like religeon and food this is the place for u...its got a great selection of food and is a buffet style place with the drink included...its family oriented and great...its non smoking which is good when kids are involved...they employ wonderful servers and great christian atmosfer...sorry for spelling mistakes..
Hartville Kitchen Hartville, OH
wonderful food great service and always willing to please a customer with special needs...and kids toooooo...its for familys and is always good no matter what time of day u order...and large portions..i swear they feed 3 people
King Buffet Uniontown, OH
i went there and ate the food and i thought it was ok...but i left and ended up with food poisening the crab legs where not cooked properly and the health dept checked it out and said they failed a few things but where fixing them..i wouldnt recommend this place for my pets to eat let alone human consumption
B&k Root Beer Drive Inn Akron, OH
its a great place and its family owned and kids love it and they even make their own coney sauce with lots of fresh meat...and the rootbeer is great also..i recommend this place to everyone all summer long...
Kozar's Pizza Kitchen Akron, OH
now if u r looking for home tasting chicken, pizza or subs this is the place its been in bussiness for 10 years + and its the best in town...its fresh and done great they use a different cheese style than most and its taste is great, ,,
Peg's Corner Restaurant Barberton, OH
its a little restuarant in a big town but its great and open 24 hours a day and its great service and food is cooked to u ...and always good
A Gild Pizza Akron, OH
this is a great pizza place but they have other things like chicken and jo-jos and a really great family dinner of spagetti with meatsauce and garlic bread and a salad for 8.00 now where else u gonna find dinner for 4 for that price? i always get meatballs extra but they are .50 eaach and great tooooo
Hamburger Station Akron, OH
i really think they could do alot better and be alot cleaner...they have good food but its not great and prices are really high for so little burgers they have
Ryans Family Steak House Akron, OH
this is the best all around restuarant anyone anywhere can ever go...if u dont know what u want for dinner and the family cant decide go here they have anything and everything right on there many choices and on wednesday nights they have an all u can eat steak with the buffet for 7.99 for adults and cheaper by half for the kids and 2 and younger are free...its great i go every wednesday with the family..great service also..just dont forget to tip em afterwards
Sky-Way Drive In Akron, OH
its great food and burgers to die for everything is made to order just to what u want...its great and the food is great and sevice is wonderful..and they bring it to your car also
Giavinos Akron, OH
they have everything from pizza , chicken and jo-jos, spagetti and meatballs, and meatball subs and the best wings ive ever tasted ...i only can say 1 thing bad is the long wait...but if time isnt important then heres where u need to be
B&k Root Beer Drive Inn Akron, OH
well this is my kids favorite rootbeer say they are the best locally..they even make there own coney sauce for coney dogs..i just had that today and even after getting it home it was hot and great and the rootbeer is like nothing the big places could match..its a family owned and ran business and its great
Guiseppe's Pizza Akron, OH
i love it i have been eating and ordering this pizza for 10 years and wouldnt go anywhere else, ,, and a large pizza is just what i need and with 2 items and extra cheese its only 8.00..can anyone else beat that? they make every order fresh and they make their own dough not a ready made crust..if u ask me this is the BEST PIZZA EVER!!!