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China Palace Beaumont, TX
One of the only Chinese places to eat where you can get fried rice and a large plate of crawfish at the same time. The food was quite under par, to say the least. The service was non-existant. They did have a large selection of food, but since it did not taste very good, then the large selection is not saying much. I would never, ever go back there again.
Happy Buddha Beaumont, TX
I have eaten at the restaurant five times now. Two of the times I was in LOVE with the place. The food was wonderful. Yet, the last three times I have been there the food has been under par. The service is almost always pretty bad there. All five times we were greeted by waitresses who did not care, and who did not know what was on the menu themselves. You can try to eat there and hope to get it on a good day. Yet, they have less than a 50% chance of tasting good, so I think that it is time I gave up on it.
3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant Beaumont, TX
The food IS incredible. If you want real Mexican, then come here. The service is usually wonderful. The restrooms do need to be a bit larger and nicer, though.
Spanky's Restaurant Orange, TX
I thought that the food was very good. The restaraunt is very clean and nicely laid out. If you are in the area, I would suggest going there.