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Bocadillo's San Francisco, CA
This is Gerald Hirigoyen's casual restaurant...if you want table cloths and higher prices, you can't beat Piperade for food nor atmosphere...but this little gem on the edge of North Beach and China town is a real find and a very special place for those who love tapas...
Pesce Seafood Bar San Francisco, CA
This place is great for local seafood infused with italian style (particularly the venetian slant the food takes). good wine and bar...bad street parking...casual dress with a good local crowd. A good alternative to Mayes Oyster house just down the street.
Vino Lahaina, HI
This is a very good restaurant (owned and operated by the owner/chef of Sansei). The food is extremely good regional italian fare (mostly Tuscan...a little Venetian...with a touch of Piedmontese)...the wines are beyond belief (recent Wine Spectator Award Winner, and the only Restaurant on Maui so honored). Do yourself a favor, and let the sommolier do a wine pairing for you with your dinner will be blown away.
Sansei Restaurant & Sushi Bar Lahaina, HI
If you are staying at this end of the island (even if you are staying south in Lahaina) make a point to come here for dinner...the sushi is great, but their specials are even better...very good service...good bar and will have fun here and not spend too much money.
Roy's Kahana Bar & Grill-Maui Lahaina, HI
The food is very good, same menu as all of the other Roy's (that's from the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" school), and the wine list is the same (which I find very attractive..lots of high end low volume wines from CA and elsewhere). Mostly I like Roy's for the opportunity to sample lots of dishes...definitely asian fusion, pacific rim cuisine. We have eaten at Roy's Poipu Beach in Kauai, and find the atmosphere slightly better...but the food is probably the same quality.
Aioli Bandego Espanola Sacramento, CA
It Should say Aioli Bodega Espanola...the food is wonderful...real spanish tapas and entres...with a killer wine list and good service. Try their Davis extension as well...worth the trip!
Neumanali Hayward, CA
This is a very good restaurant in a lovely setting. An old victorian dressed up for dinner. The food is generally Italian with other mediteranian influences. Good wine list with very attentive servers. I would vote it number one in Hayward...(and I love Rue du Main).
Restaurant Furenzu Emeryville, CA
This is the most amazing restaurant...think Asian Tapas! They have a number of small plate choices ranging from Pan Roasted halibut on bed of greens in citrus and beet dressing, a satay skirt steak & onion strudel, my favorite shrimp in a nest, along with pan grilled prawns with chili papaya chutney...great and inovative desserts like pear tart with ginger creme fraiche, or to go over the top, how about a chocolate fondue with fruit of the season...also a good selection of Sake (about 10 different kinds) good wines, including both US and French (broader selection to pair well with the spicy food...something Chardonay's or Cabs do not always do well). This is a small restaurant that takes care of each and every customer. Go to website and read what Ben Fong Torres said about Furenzu. I'm sure you will meet Cynthia Fung, the owner and creator of the wonderful dishes...she makes a point of talking to her patrons to see what they like and what she can do to improve her restaurant.
Jim's Country Style Restaurant Pleasanton, CA
Very good breakfasts, with very friendly waitstaff....all the usual stuff on the menu, but their biscuits and gravy is worth a try...
Aioli Bodega Espanola Davis, CA
This restaurant is a true is a perfect example of what good spanish food is...the variety, the complexity and of course the character. First and foremost, the tapas here are all good...we had both cold and hot dishes, and all compared favorably to our recent trip to Spain...the main courses looked great (we didn't have the capacity to try any after extensive sampling of the tapas menues). We did have four different desserts and all were great (my younger son thought the chocolat mousse was the best he had ever had, and my flan was great...but I think the most impressive was the chocolate truffels in white chocolate soup...I know it sounds awful, but it is a beautifully constructed dessert...with presentation beyond words. Finally, I can't say enough about the wine list...great selection with reasonable prices...and to close it off, the waitstaff was very good...helpful in describing dishes, and in the selection of the Spanish wine.
Oliveto Oakland, CA
This is the best Italian in the E. Bay, without qualification. Everything they do here is creative and authentic. This is primarily Tuscan style food...fresh and slow cooked. Good wine list, reasonable corkage ($18)and a daily menu that accentuates the food in season. All the pasta is good...the anti-pasta's are sometimes sublime.
Acme Oyster & Seafood House New Orleans, LA
Back again for Mardi Gras...first time back since Katrina...NO still rocks, and Acme is still the dozen oysters on the half shell every only regret was that I bought my coming home oyster po' boy at the airport....DON'T! Even thought it says Acme Oyster & Seafood House...the one at the Airport does not compare in quality to the one in the quarter...get your po' boy in town, ask them to wrap it up for traveling...and take it onboard for dinner.
Zachary's Chicago Pizza Oakland, CA
This is really good pizza, very different from what you are used to...if you like traditional pizza like you get at Lo Cocco's you may find this overwhelming...but in this case too much of a good thing is a good thing! Good Beers and decent wine.
Tri-Valley Seafood Restaurant Pleasanton, CA
This is very good Deim Sum....I haven't had dinners here yet, but I have eaten lunch here many times...almost as good as the ABC Seafoods in Foster City.
Barone's Pleasanton, CA
Excellent dining with superb service, great entres...(both steak and seafood)...and good wine. This is my second favorite in Pleasanton (after Haps)...and on some nights its my favorite! Good wine list...(I like Haps better)
Aqua San Francisco, CA
This is a wonderful place for dinner..don't miss the tuna tartar...I had a great stipped bass cooked with skin on (grilled lightly)...served with a nice white Burgundy (a Montrachet from 1989)./..desert was a small port with cookies
Albertos Cantina Pleasanton, CA
This is just traditional Mexican food...unfortunately, they are too heavy handed with all sauces. The old saying if a little is good, a lot is better, seems to be their operating motto. Still it is traditional and not some chi chi joint like the Blue Agave up the street. Try the Carnitas with refried beans...
McMahon's Steakhouse Tucson, AZ
This is one of the Great Steak houses in all of the Southwest. I've been to a bunch, but seldom do you find the quality, the variety and the service I found during our meal last week. Let me emphasize that last point...if they had problems in the past with service, it certainly was not evident during our meal...great service from a waitress with a great attitude. I had the small prime rib (more than enough for anyone) tablemates had the bone in filet and a strip addition to the great food was a wine list to kill for. I didn't check to see if they were listed, but they certainly deserve to be listed by the Wine Spectator for the deep wine list and the great food. Just to gild the lilly...for those of you so inclined, they have a wonderful cigar bar out front with good quality cigars at reasonable prices...all in all, a most enjoyable evening, and a pleasant surprise in Tucson!
The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco, CA
Let me add my 5 stars worth to this thread...we had a wonderful 35th Anniversary Dinner here...the prix fix menu with wine was worth every penny of the meal! The setting is elegant, the service is above reproach...and the menu is inspired! This has been a good year for us and top quality restaurants...this was the last leg of a trifecta of L'Auberge in Carmel, Cyrus in Healdsburg and finally the Ritz.
PlumpJack Cafe San Francisco, CA
This was a treat for the whole family...we came here to celebrate 3 birthdays (all in the same week)...six of us were treated to a wonderful variety of entres with great wine to match. This is indeed a great neighborhood bistro, with a world class wine cellar to match. For those of us in the burbs, we often don't remember how good the food is and how much fun there is in the Marina district (or Cow Hollow for that matter). Do yourself a favor and make reservations here for your next special night out...whether its an intimate dinner for two, or a gathering of family members for the annual night wont be disappointed.
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