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Restaurant Name City
Nathan's Famous Hollywood, FL
Great hot dogs and fries!! Fun place for the kids and pretty easy on the wallet too!!
Davie Ale House Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pretty good for family restaurants. The prices are reasonable and the food is hot and quickly served. Great for the kids. Yummy deserts!!
Bamboo Gardens III Chinese Hollywood, FL
The orange chicken is delicious and the spring rolls are nicely crisp! The service was fairly quick and the chinese tea plentiful.
Spudnuts Pekin, IL
If you are ANYWHERE near here - don't miss this! No other donut will do once you've tried these. They're Gr-r-reat!!!!!!
Fishermen's Inn Elburn, IL
This is a great seafood place. I really love the crab legs. They are a little pricy though. Leave the kids at home!
Walter Payton's Roundhouse Aurora, IL
The nice thing is that you can get a fancy meal and enjoy the atmosphere, or you can sit at one of the bars and have a good drink and casual food. Highly recommended!!
Lutz Continental Cafe and Pastry Shop Chicago, IL
Beautiful outside ambiance to enjoy a great pastry with a close friend!
Jim's Rib Haven Rock Island, IL
Get ur pork fix on!! Lick ur fingers till they're slick! Delicious! Worth 20 trips this week!(Smile)
Super Smokers Bar-B-Q O Fallon, IL
Oink! Oink! Fingerlicking good!!!!
Walker Brothers Pancake House Wilmette, IL
This is the place for breakfast. I have never had a better breakfast anywhere in the country. It is fresh and good all the time. I will never stop going!
Liang's Garden Restaurant Chicago Heights, IL
Good food for Asian fix! Not fancy but more than adequate! I'd go again!
Ben & Jerry's Chicago, IL
Good place to cure a icecream fix! With B&J's you never go wrong!
Cracker Barrell Morton, IL
Great food, Fun for KIDS all ages! Shopaholics will have fun too! Lots of nostalgic purchases to be made!
Tradewinds Restaurant Mishawaka, IN
Very good food! Interesting atmosphere and design. Best deal for the dollars.I would recommend this place to all my friends!
Carriage House Dining Room South Bend, IN
Very good food! Interesting atmosphere. I would recommend this place to all my friends!Best surprise in town!
Italian Village Chicago, IL
Very good food! Interesting atmosphere. I would recommend this place to all my friends!
Tobin's Pizza Bloomington, IL
Very good food! Interesting atmosphere. I would recommend this place to all my friends!
Waterfront Lodge Saint Petersburg, FL
Great selection, something for every one! The food was hot and fresh and well presented! A repeat visit is in store for my family!
Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse Chicago, IL
The food was good and the atmosphere was alright.
Charlie Trotter's Chicago, IL
This place is overrated the food isn't that great for the price. This is definitely not the place to go if you're on a budget nor is it the place to go for good food.
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