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Lori's Diner Cupertino, CA
It should be better. It's not. Meh food. Good service, though. Steer clear of the burgers.
Pedro's Restaurant & Cantina Santa Clara, CA
This place has an odd location tucked away behind a bunch of office parks. You'd never know it was there from the highway or even from a major street. <br> I went here for the mother's day brunch buffet. If you want to go be sure to get a reservation *well* in advance, even a month or so. <br> I was pleased with the quality of food and the selection. They had a mix of traditional brunch fare such as eggs benedict, omlettes, and waffles, and mexican food such as enchiladas, and chili rellenos. <br> I found the service to be pretty good. It was *crowded* but they seemed pretty good about keeping our juice glasses full and handling our requests. <br> The food was a little on the bland side. The hollendaise sauce on the eggs could have had more flavor. It wasn't bad, though. <br> Like all mothers day brunches, it was a tad pricey. $20 for all you can eat. <br> I would definitely give this place a try for lunch sometime.
Dave and Buster Milpitas, CA
Dave & Buster's (not 'Dave and Buster') is a sort of adult Chuck E. Cheese's. It has lots of pool tables and an absolutely gigantic video game and midway area. <br> The food isn't bad, but it's not particularly good either. They have a number of semi upscale dishes but I've found the food to be quite average. <br> I was there for lunch recently and got a cheeseburger. I specifically asked for it to be made with cheddar cheese. Nope. They had a couple of slices of plastic american cheese on it. Bleah. Also I asked for it to be cooked medium. It was cooked pretty dry and lifeless. The fries were mediocre. I've had worse, and I've had better. <br> One upside for this place is that they have nice private rooms if you have a big party planned ahead of time. You can reserve a nice room with a pool table all to yourself. <br> If you're looking for a simple place for lunch, eat somewhere else and go to Dave & Buster's afterward to play games.
La Val's Gardens Berkeley, CA
La Val's is sports bar level pizza. If you're a student looking for a quick bite between classes, or your softball team needs a bunch of pizza and beer to celebrate the big win, this is a good place. Otherwise, the pizza is incredibly average. The sandwiches are not so good. They charge $.35 for refills which I feel is simply chisling the customer. <br> I had a mini pepperoni and mushroom pizza and my wife had an eggplant parmesan sandwich. The pizza was pretty bland and the pepperoni was obviously of an inferior quality. The crust was thin, but not bad. The sandwich was inedible. <br> The service is, to be generous, minimal. You place your order and pick it up at the counter. If you're lucky the guy calling your number has a rudimentary command of the English language and you'll be able to make out what he said. Otherwise you have to walk up to the counter every time anything comes over the P.A. <br> When I was a student at Cal, I went to La Val's every day for lunch. The simple reason was that it's cheap. They still offer a slice and a drink for $2.50 which is a pretty good price. <br> If you've got a little more time and money, go elsewhere.
Quiznos Cupertino, CA
Quiznos is a national chain of sub restaurants. It's a major competitor of Subway and Togo's. They also high quality ingredients (unlike Subway), and toast their subs (unlike Subway or Togo's). <br> They also offer soups which are good but not great. <br> I recommend the smoked turkey sub on rosemary bread with rosemary sauce. It's really good.
Chipotle Cupertino, CA
Chipotle is a smallish chain of mexican restaurants. This one is located near the Albertson's on DeAnza in Cupertino. <br> The selection is pretty limited. They do burritos, tacos, and a few other things and that's it. And it's a good thing because their burritos are fantastic. I haven't bothered to have anything else there because I like the burritos so much. <br> They make their burritos with a special cilantro spiced white rice, not the usual red spanish rice you see everywhere else. You can choose chicken, beef, or pork. I always choose the chicken. Unlike most Mexican places, they obviously take the time to trim their chicken and use only the white meat and not the cheapo crappy dark meat floor sweepings you see other places. You can choose black beans or pinto beans. I always choose the black beans. After that they have the usual additional fillings to choose from including several types of salsa. <br> A word about the salsa. I always get the medium salsa. Oh man is it good. I sometimes spring for chips and an extra container of the salsa. Mmmmm. <br> When they make their burritos they aren't chintzy either. When they hand you your paper bag with a burrito in it, it's surprisingly heavy. If I could get away with it diet-wise, I'd eat there a whole lot more than I do now. <br> I highly recommend this place. <br> Sorry about the phone number. It was the one registered with the chamber of commerce. I couldn't find this place in the phone book yet.
Alotta's Deli Cafe Cupertino, CA
This is a tiny neighborhood sandwich place. They've got one soup selection. You order at the counter and can sit either inside or outside. <br> They have some sandwich specials, but other than that this place is pretty run of the mill. It's a smaller, less well funded version of Eric's Deli Cafe. The sandwiches are not cheap, either. <br> When we went there the service was average at best. We ordered cheese on a sandwich which they forgot. When my wife told them, they didn't even apologize, they just told her to bring the sandwich back. <br> Frankly, you get a better sandwich at Quizno's.
Kapp's Pizza Bar & Grill Mountain View, CA
This is somewhat of a fixture on Mountain View's Castro Street. It used to be Stuft Pizza but years ago it turned into Kapp's. <br> They serve pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and a lot of other things. They have a nice bar, and good atmosphere, with booths and tables. <br> The prices are about what you'd expect for a place like that. <br> The pizza is very good in my opinion. Good quality toppings, chewy crust, good sauce. <br> The burgers aren't bad, but they're nothing special. <br> It's a great place to go when you want to actually sit and talk with someone for a while and enjoy a meal.
Eric's Deli Cafe Cupertino, CA
Eric's is located in the strip mall on Steven's Creek just down from Blaney on the right side as you head toward Vallco. <br> This is mostly a sandwich place but they have soup as well. The interior is an old west motif. You order your sandwich at the counter and seat yourself and bus your own table. <br> They offer a pretty wide variety of sandwiches with more interesting than usual ingredients. The bread is usually a negative as they tend toward soft sliced bread which turns to adhesive in your mouth. <br> The soup is pretty average. <br> They offer free refills on drinks and use mason jars for glasses. <br> Overall I feel this place has good potential, but something prevents it from coming together. It may be as simple as the high prices combined with the lame bread.
Pizza Chicago Santa Clara, CA
With the demise of Pizzeria Uno over a year ago, Pizza Chicago is one of the few places in the San Jose area to get real deep dish pizza. <br> The good news is that they do a pretty good job of it. This isn't a Pizza-Hut-like "deep" dish which is essentially slightly thicker crust. Nope, this is genuine deep dish pizza. <br> The restaurant itself is pretty small with just a handful of tables, but they do take your order and serve you. <br> I have always found the pizza to be very good and the service to be excellent. <br> The only deep dish remaining in the whole Bay Area which is significantly better is Zachary's in Berkeley, but I'm not enough of a die hard to drive an hour for pizza.
Willalby's Cafe Madison, WI
This is a nice traditional cafe near downtown Madison. It has tables, booths, and stools at the counter just as it should be with a cafe. It's full of regulars who the waiters know by name. <br> I had a very simple breakfast of eggs over medium, toast, and hash browns. Everything was cooked properly and arrived hot. The service was outstanding. The waiter was very nice to our baby and was quick with the coffee refills. <br> I definitely did not leave hungry. They are not chintzy on the portions and the price was far lower than I expected. <br> The only reason I didn't give this place 5 stars is that the menu is a bit limited, which is understandable. <br> I highly recommend Willalby's.
Michael's Frozen Custard Madison, WI
I've never had the food here. Do they serve food here? I'm not sure. Who cares. They serve frozen custard which is an extremely rich form of soft serve ice cream. <br> There's not much to say except it's really good stuff.
Armadillo Willy's BBQ Cupertino, CA
This is, of course, a chain, but a reasonably good one. I usually have the chicken, which is generally cooked well. The baked bean side is particularly good. If you get take out they're pretty quick about it which is nice. <br> I recommend this place.
Cafe Torre Cupertino, CA
This is a cloth tablecloth, expensive, fancy Italian restaurant just down from DeAnza on Stevens Creek in a little strip mall. <br> The service is pretty good and reasonably friendly. <br> The food is also pretty good, but not out of this world. The selection is a bit limited. <br> Overall I do recommend the place if you want a fast upscale dinner.
Coffee Society Cupertino, CA
I had a frozen chai tea there. I'm not much of a tea person, but it was really good. I was able to sit outside and enjoy my tea and good conversation. <br> Sadly, the evil empire of Starbucks has moved in across the street so this place may die soon.
Donut Wheel Cupertino, CA
What can you say? It's a good doughnut shop. Nice quick service. Good doughnuts. A good combination. <br> Mmmmmmm...doughnuts....gaaahaaahahahah - Homer Simpson
Florentine Italian Foods Cupertino, CA
This is a family run Florentine's, and they run it very well. The food is standard Florentine's fare, which I happen to like a lot. The service is usually very good indeed. There are a couple of waiters there who treat is well. We did have one waiter there once who was a bit short with us, but he seems to have left. <br> Once we actually had to call the manager over to complement the waiter on the good service he gave us.
Fontanas (Italian) Cupertino, CA
I looked at the reviews for this, and the redundant other entry for Fontana's and they all are about 3 stars. That's pretty darned accurate in my opinion. <br> This is a fancy and expensive northern Italian restaurant. When you go there, expect to pay something like $25 per person for a typical meal. <br> The food is upscale, but still somehow average. It's well prepared and well presented, but lacks any flair. The selection is pretty limited as well. <br> The service was good, if a bit over-eager. <br> If you're looking for a really high quality fancy Italian meal, this really isn't the place.
Fresh Choice Cupertino, CA
This Fresh Choice is actually in the Vallco mall. You pay something like $7.50 and you can eat all you can eat, like every other Fresh Choice. <br> The setting is a bit cramped as it's tacked onto the end of the mall, but they keep it reasonably neat. It can get kind of annoying when it's crowded. <br> It is a good place for lunch if you want to avoid other mall food.
Hobee's Restaurant Cupertino, CA
Hobee's is famous for their coffee cake and rightly so. It's moist and the topping is crumbly and tasty. <br> Their breakfast fare is pretty good, although it's hard to do breakfast food wrong. <br> Their dinner entrees are well done too. <br> Here's a tip. Get a friend to order something that comes with coffee cake so you can get some without having to finish the huge piece they give you.
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