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Cafe Pro Bono Palo Alto, CA
I had been hearing rave reviews for quite some time so decided to try. It was a region of italian cuisine I had not really sampled before. I ordered fettucine with shrimp. The salad that came with it was excellent, and the shrimp where so enormous I had to cut each like a steak, but otherwise it seemed overrated. I much prefer Palermos on University Avenue, though I don't know if it is fair to compare the two since they are different regions.
Fuki-Sushi Palo Alto, CA
One of the classiest sushi bars I have ever been to, and I have no complaints on the food quality, but I definitely think twice before shelling out the prices they ask for their food. I plan on trying Higashi West and seeing how the two compare. Meanwhile, I enjoy Minokishi's sushi buffet and feel happier after I walk out than I would if I had to pay the Fuki Sushi prices.
Osteria Palo Alto, CA
A reasonably priced, unexceptional italian restaurant. My friend tried to convert me (It's his favorite, my favorite italian restaurant is Palermos). I thought that the atmosphere was uninspirational and my food was so heavy with butter that I didn't feel like eatting again for an entire day.
Evvia Palo Alto, CA
I love the elegant atmoshphere. The one time I've been here, I was very impressed by the lamb we ordered, but only somewhat enthused with the mousakka. I will return for more special occassions to sample further.
Thai Garden Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
I am a thai food junkie and, though I have tried new thai restaurants time and time again, I always return to this bowling-alley front restaurant. Though it is not the most pleasant of settings, to say the least, the food is reasonably priced with nice sized portions and I leave with a very happy stomach, my craving for green papaya salad, phad thai and panang curry completely satisfied.
Palermo Rotisserie Palo Alto, CA
This is by far my favorite Italian restaurant. Everything already said about the atmosphere and noice is true, but I'd rather be packed in with a bunch of happy diners eatting great food than go to any other restaurant. The penne palermo is amazing. Everytime I want an eggplant and tomatoe fix I order it. Every other dish I have had was good too. Sea bass lovers should try the pasta dish listed in the specials, which actually seem to be available every time I go.