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Recent reviews by Chewy B.
Restaurant Name City
Viet Hung San Mateo, CA
Had pho...#23 during lunchtime. Tasted fine. Not too greasy, but not that many beef slices. The iced coffee was tasty but not very strong. The restaurant is small and pretty clean. The service is SLOW, but not unkind. I just about finished my bowl of noodles before the guy sitting to my right received a menu. I will try a rice dish next time. Also, the spring rolls looked very generous.
Fontanas (Italian) Cupertino, CA
Lunch can be crowded, and making reservations for dinner is not a bad idea. The food is excellent. MUCH better quality and taste than Olive Garden. You receive a basket of warm sourdough just for sitting down - very yummy! The menu changes periodically with the usual favorites such as filet mignon dressed up with new sides. Better steak than Outback or Black Angus by FAR. The atmosphere is definitely yuppie - it's in Cupertino after all - anything from jeans to a semi-formal attire would be appropriate. Nice place to take a someone special.
Il Fornaio Palo Alto, CA
Overpriced...boring food...average service...good breadsticks (but then, how do you mess up breadsticks?). The salmon was overcooked, the lamb was so-so, etc. The portions are small, but the prices are too expensive to warrant a dessert. I rarely say this, but I rather eat Olive Garden.
Red Pepper Los Altos, CA
Casual atmosphere and consistently good food. The service is friendly but not overpowering. If they have it, order the spicy prawns special - generous helpings of prawns and very spicy. They serve the homemade tortilla chips with fresh-tasting salsa. If you prefer, you can ask for warm verde sauce, too. The carnitas are okay, but they are not cooked in the traditional, more time-consuming way, so don't expect too much. The enchiladas are tasty and leave you very filled. The thing I like best is that the food is served piping hot.
Passage to India Mountain View, CA
I've had the buffet weekend lunch and buffet weekday dinner. Sodas are expensive and small. There are a lot of servers, but you sometimes have to flag one down to request anything. The buffet selection is decent if you are vegetarian, and the meat choices are generally chicken or lamb. Unfortunately, the food is not very spicy, but it is tasty enough. The mango sherbert is nice dessert to the whole meal.