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Restaurant Name City
House of Bagels Palo Alto, CA
as close as you can get to new york. forget the others this is the real thing they have specialty products that take me back to my lost youth.lox,creamcheese,white fish,yoo hoo, black and whites,babka. they have several location from marin to san francisco to the peninsula to the south bay. you will not be disapointed
Max's Redwood City, CA
as casual or formal as you want to it to be. food is good with a nice mixture of pasta, meat, poultry, huge sandwiches and some for the weight watcher. desserts are killers but pricey. downside is that service is spotty, but food is good.
Guernica Restaurant Sausalito, CA
excellent food with a nice variety although the menu is limeted. attentive service without intruding. pleasant surroundings. good wine selection. fish, pasta, poultry, and meat dishes, very tasty food. complex yet simple. all in all a very nice dining experience
Angelino's Restaurant Sausalito, CA
fresh is the key. food is italian with a capital I. don't be surprised if you see a bus load of italian tourists eating here. this is old country with a california slant. don't be afraid to ask for something not on the menu. they welcome the opportunity to show off their skills. a little pricey but not offensive. great pastas.