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Restaurant Name City
Gutierrez Family Drive-In Salinas, CA
Good fresh seafood dishes (Crab, Shrimp, and whatever fish are landed nearby) dominate the substantial menu, which exists only surrounding the counter where one orders. For many years, my family's favorites have been the chicharrones, chile verdes, and carnitas.
This is a great stop on the way between Monterey and San Jose. Many people get lost trying to find this place, which is simply two blocks south of main, and one block east of the railroad tracks, at the corner with Rossi street.
Britt Maries Restaurant Albany, CA
One of the finest eateries to survive more than a decade or two or three in the most competitive landscape. Great roasted chicken dishes, and a friendly atmosphere.
It's much better than Fat Apples, which is a good place. And far better than most of the places in Albany who have received higher ratings. The scoring system will not help you much in Albany.
Gion Restaurant Albany, CA
Gion is gone. Another Japanese restaurant occupies this address now. It is much improved.
Highland Cafe Albany, CA
The same place as Daniel's and every bit as gone. The space has yet to be redeployed.
Khayyam's Chelo Kabab Albany, CA
The beef was tough, the lamb beyond its apex, the chicken (?) questionable. The ambiance is pleasant enought, while the wait staff could benefit from genuine training.
My wife was ill for days.
My children were less generous in their assessment than I, and have asked that I not drag them back, whether kicking or screaming.
Sun Hong Kong Restaurant Oakland, CA
Open until 3 a.m., it's one of the best late night eateries in the East Bay. Similar to the Sun Hong Kongs of San Francisco and Berkeley. I go for the Prawns Saday Chow Fun, Salty Spicy Pork Chop, Eggplant Clay Pot, and Fried Rice. The seafood is always fresh from the tank. The potstickers are good.
You will run into your nightowl friends here.
Guaymas Belvedere Tiburon, CA
On the Ferry dock, it's a great stop between San Francisco and Angel Island. On a warm, clear, sunny day/night you can enjoy the view of San Francisco across the bay from the dock level and the balcony decks. On a cool night, a seat near (but not too near) to the fireplace can be perfect.
Our regular waiter Genaro takes very good care of us.
For appetizers, we like the assorted tamales, guaymas prawns skewers, and the duck sopes. The tortilla soup could be more complex.
The Chile Relleno Poblano is filled with chicken, walnuts, and raisins. Better still, it is coated in a mexican creme sauce and fresh pomegranite. There are pitifully few Rellenos to be found anywhere else on either side of the border nearly this good.
Also very good are the Huachinango (Red Snapper), Carnitas, Chiles Colorados, and Bife Tampiquena.
The tequila offerings are quite good, as are the margaritas.
Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. given the singing wait staff and goofy recognitions.
Dinner for 5 with drinks, dessert, and tips ~$165.
Abc Seafood San Mateo, CA
This place is actually in Foster City, near San Mateo. Unfortunately, the system does not have Foster City in the Restaurant City pull down for reviewers.
ABC Seafood has the tanks, the carts, the cooks, and the massive square-footage that it takes to put out greatness. Cheung Fun, Har Gow, Crab Claw, stuffed eggplant. It's all very good. It's not the Flower Lounge, but it's still very good. They have another location in Milpitas on Barber Lane.
Oishii San Francisco, CA
Great sit down and carry out lunches.
Bento boxes of many combinations are very good, but I like the real crab california rolls, salads, and miso soup.
The Sumo Burger is real Angus beef and hard to beat.
The Great China Berkeley, CA
I have known the owner, Michael Yu, for seven years and eaten in his restaurant for twenty years. It's been very good for a very long time. One of the best dishes is the Mu-Shu Dungeness Crab. Another is the Garlic sauteed baby snow pea sprouts.
Reservations are not taken except for large parties, and the wait (on the list and the sidewalk) can be as much as an hour. Yet, many of us stick it out.
The only thing one should watch out for are the times when Michael is out of town, and some of the less excellent staff members might be in charge. At such times, the preparation of the food can be challenged.
Cafe de la Paz Berkeley, CA
This had been a good restaurant prior to 1999. On a visit earlier this year, my wife and I were very distressed by the age and composition of ingredients. The Maitre D' was especially rude to the busboys, but to the waitstaff as well.
We're not going back.
Original Peking Restaurant El Cerrito, CA
This is our family's favorite. The sesame chicken is to-die-for, while the stuffed salty spicy eggplant is more like to-kill-for. I have a penchant for the twice-cooked pork, as well. Lunch plates with soup are under $5, but the dinner specials are great, too.
Tacos La Pachanga Redwood City, CA
There's a lot more than tacos going on at La Pachanga. I had the Chile Relleno in Cream Sauce. It was as good as the phenomenal Relleno at Guaymas in Tiburon, and truly held a candle up to an other-worldly relleno that I had in Zacatecas, MX.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the tacos alone are extraordinary for the masterful preparation of their high-quality components.
Also, the current mexican pop music on the CD wurlitzer is extremely well chosen, and should help to round out the modern mexican ambiance.
East Ocean Seafood Restaurant Alameda, CA
A steady, strong circulation of carts and trays contrasts with many dim sum services where not enough food is floating past your table. Clean establishment and gentle friendly demeanor of the management makes the simple surroundings especially pleasant. In under an hour, our family of four feasted on salt & pepper calamari, har cheung fun, baked roast char shiu bao, har gao, steamed chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, steamed rice, sesame balls, mango and coconut puddings, and generous soft drinks for less than $50 including tax and tip.
Angel's Ukiah, CA
Very good carnitas, Excellent camarones al mojo del ajo. The refried beans are very good. All ingredients are of high quality and prepared on the premises. The portions on all dishes are generous, and then some. The atmosphere is simple. The place is very clean. The noise level is moderate. The decor is formica and vinyl. I know of nothing comparable in its price range north of Salinas.