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Restaurant Name City
Excellent food. Service is a bit slow during peak hours. They have brunch also. Lots of parking though it's tight. Atmosphere is typical Applebee's style. Casual and fun. Service is great.
Great food/ Typical Applebee's atmosphere, fun and decorative. So so kid's menu. Great bar selections. Service is good but food delivery time is slow at peak hours. Brunch menu is great.
Mt Fuji Japanese Steak House Aberdeen, NC
GREAT FOOD! Not a really good place to take kids under five because of group seating. The show is great and the atmosphere is fine. Prices are great, lots of food and the service is fine.
Pizza Cafe Aberdeen, NC
A fresh spin on a pizza place. Buffet style by the slice or they will make you a whole pie just the wayyou want it. Also dessert pizza buffet. Very friendly, small building with little seating but it's fun with lots of parking.
Chuck Wagon Restaurant Carthage, NC
My husband was a paramedic for the county the place is in. He could eat 4 BBQ sandwiches with hush puppies (homemade style, not frozen) for under $5.00. Police and EMS love this place because it's fast. A small walk up building with two ordering windows. Friendly and fast and most importantly, fast and cheap.
Mama's Kitchen Vass, NC
Very country atmosphere for a seafood restaurant. Awesome hush puppies and fried shrimp. Their hamburgers are also great. Hours are limited and we never really figured out what they were. Seemed to be hit or miss but always open on Fri and Sat. nights. This is a State Trooper favorite. Fast service and tons of parking. A bit hard to find but any local in Vass can direct you there. It's a favorite of everyone.
Millers Family Restaurant Vass, NC
This is a very small greesy spoon on the side of the highway but man did we spend a lot of money there. Wonderful home made food. Breakfasts are more than ample and their Carolina Burgers with the works are to die for. We've moved to Pa. recently and we miss this place more than our friends. (Not really but it's a close second) You have to get a cheeseburger or double cheeseburger with the works. This includes chili, slaw, tomoatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and you can add grilled onions and bacon for a burger you somply cannot pick up. It's the best.
Valenti's Italian Restaurant Vass, NC
A bit pricey on their entrees but their pizza is average price and wonderful. Their entrees are small and service can be slow during peak hours. My biggest recommendation here would be the pizza. Owned and operated mostly by italians. Smoking section is on the opposite side of the restaurant as the non smoking but the building is kind of small. No delivery on pizza.
John's Barbeque & Seafood Southern Pines, NC
Fast service. Wonderful seafood and BBQ. Their hush puppies are great and their BBQ is the best in Southern Pines. Clean and roomy. Parking can be a bit of a problem at peak hours. Smoking and non smoking sections. They will meet any request if they can. This comes in handy when you take younger kids who don't care for spicey BBQ or seafood.
Peking Wok Southern Pines, NC
THIS IS WONDERFUL! This is a great buffet and the service is extra friendly and fast. Atmosphere is typical chinese restaurant. Ample parking. Limited dessert bar and not a lot of options for smaller kids.
Raffaele's Italian Restaurant Southern Pines, NC
This is average Italian Dining. Atmosphere is romantic though and they do have a full bar.
Squire's Pub Southern Pines, NC
This is a small restauarant with an odd menu. I was disappointed in the portions. Very small. The first time you go you may have a hard time deciding what to eat unless you have eaten Irish before. There's not much typical about the menu. They do have a full bar. NOt a great place for kids. Very limited parking.
Fairview Dairy Bar Sanford, NC
Very inexpensive roadside diner kind of place. Their veggie soup is totally home made and great. Lots of seating but smokey. Great kid's menu and ice cream shop. Prices are wonderful, take out option is a must during lunch as seating can be scarce.
Flame Steak House Sanford, NC
This place is a must for Valentine's Day but make a reservation. Their steak is great their atmosphere is romantic despite being tucked away in a run down shopping plaza. Slightly expensive but worth it. Service is second to none.
Carolina Fried Chicken-Pizza Robbins, NC
This place is funny. They have a little bit of everything. Gyros, pizza, chicken nuggets and shrimp and a ton more stuff plus fresh home made pies and cakes. Prices are great and food is average. Roadside diner atmosphere. You have to go there just out of curiosity.
Biltmore Estate Asheville, NC
Any of the restaurants at the Biltmore are 5 star. There;s more than one to choose from. Everything is raised and grown right there on the estate so all the food is beyond fresh. Prices are suprisingly low and dress is always casual even in the fancier spots. I must see if you are going to Asheville to vacation.
Papa John's Pizza Asheville, NC
Papa John's is always five star in my book. And they delivered to our hotel quickly.
El Chapala Fayetteville, NC
Great Mexican Food. Fast service. Even a good dessert menu. Not much for small kids though.
Jersey Mikes Subs Fayetteville, NC
This is the place to go for subs. Their subs are larger, their drink selection is larger, cookies and brownies are very fresh. Fast service.
Elizabeth Pizza Fayetteville, NC
Great pizza and a few other items like sandwiches and spaghetti. Fast service. Small building though and not a ton of parking.
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