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Restaurant Name City
Sports Page Family Restaurant Cedar Rapids, IA
this restraunt had a good atmosphere to be in. there were sports memorabilia all over and the food was pretty good! go check it out for a guarantee good time!
Zazza's Restaurant Cedar Rapids, IA
i'm a spaghetti person and i thoguth their's was pretty good! i would definetly recommend a friend to go there on a date if you like italian food! i know i'll be back to get more!
Cedar Rapids Pizza Co Cedar Rapids, IA
i'm rating this place with 3 stars b/c i thoguht it was good but not good enough to brag about. The pizza was good and comparable to other places but the sub definetly weren't top of the line material! pizza was good though, it was an allright place to be at.
Al & Irenes House of Bar-B-Que Cedar Rapids, IA
i have to admit, this place had some of the best bbq that i've ever had. it was a great place all around and not only had good bbq but everything else was good too. i really enjoyed myself while i was there! check it out for a great time!
Zeke's Place Breda, IA
my family and i always love to come to zeke's. they have the greatest stakes and it's just a great place all around. i've never had bad food or service!
Bob's Drive-In Le Mars, IA
this is a great old fashion drive in. my family always loves to go there and get their great hot dogs...
Purple Cow Pocahontas, IA
the food here is good but we always visited for the soft serve ice cream. i'm not sure if it's still there but you could also play mini golf there at one point in time.
Lighthouse Rockwell City, IA
this place has a great location, on twin lakes! it's a little pricy but we've always had good food. they also make some great pizza!
Hong Kong Kitchen Muscatine, IA
this could be called below average but maybe that's just because i dont like chinese food. it was a nive place!
J D's Ol' Saloon Newell, IA
if you like crap, come here! it was terrible food! i'd be embarrased to show my face in there again! don't go there!
Hickory Park Ames, IA
this was a great place to eat! be ready for the best bbq in the state! don't dress up, it's messy!!! but it's very worth it! your taste buds will go nuts!
Great Plains Sauce & Dough Co Ames, IA
very good place to eat! maybe a little pricy but it's worth it! go check it out man!
Pizza Kitchens Ames, IA
this was a good place to eat some good pizza! it wasn't the greatest but it was good! i definetly will go back.
Callie's Corner Drive-In Avoca, IA
it was a hometown restraunt where you got all home made food, it was pretty good but not the greatest...something that would be ok if you aren't looking for something fancy or really fantastic.
Lobster & Crab House Honolulu, HI
it was good seafood! pretty good locatoin for a restraunt, just an all around hawaiin fun place!!!
China Buffet Fort Dodge, IA
this was the best buffet that i've ever been at...the food was always hot and the chinese food was great!!
Sports Page Bar & Grill Fort Dodge, IA
a great sports bar where you can have a good burger and hang out with some friends...they need to become a chain restuarant b/c it was really good and it was fun to watch sports events on the big screens
Tom Thumb Drive Inn Fort Dodge, IA
food was crap.....service, crap.....not a good place to go to....i'd be embarrased to go back.
59'ER Steakhouse & Lounge Harlan, IA
usually a good place to eat...they tend to sometimes have bad food but it's mostly pretty good! a great place to have a good old fashioned steak buffet on sundays!
Border Fare Harlan, IA
a good place to get fast mexican food, plus it has some low prizes when you buy a lot of food!! but i have heard a rumor that they have found spit or something like that on the food?! maybe it's just a rumor though?!