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Restaurant Name City
Romano's Macaroni Grill Fort Worth, TX
Great place to take family. They are super nice to kids and pay special attention to the whole family. Great food and fun for everyone.
Tommy's Fort Worth, TX
The food is good there I agree but not better than Billy Miners. They aren't that different. They do Give you HUGE catfish baskets for a great price.
Reata Fort Worth, TX
This place is awesome. I worked there for a short period of time awhile back. The food portions are huge and the Chef aims to please. He even let people reserve a table inside his kitchen to watch how everything works. Every one there is all about service and they know how to treat customers. I really think the view was the best part of the experience. You could hardly concentrate on eating the view is so distracting. It is really a shame that they are not going to be in the same spot downtown.
Billy Miner's Saloon Fort Worth, TX
The food is OK but the best part about the place are the seats by the windows. The windows look out into the streets of downtown Fort Worth. You get see everyone walk by. Everytime I am walking to work the window seats are full and everyone is waving.. Great Atmosphere to hang out!!
Black-Eyed Pea Fort Worth, TX
I love the cheese and broccoli soup. The best I have every had. For down home eating this is a really good place. Prices are all fair, what more could you ask for?
Los Vaqueros Restaurant Fort Worth, TX
The food is decent. I would say fairly authentic. A good location for Tex-Mex. I would recommend this place.
Ninfa's Restaurant Dallas, TX
The one in Dallas I have not been to. But the one that was on University was the worst Dinning experience I have every had. Complete with the manager chasing all 5 girls in my group out to the car asking why we didn't tip. The weird part is we did tip well considering we didn't eat anything and we had the waitress from you know.
Chicken Express Fort Worth, TX
Good Chicken, fast, cheap what more can you ask for? You get what you pay for.
Sonic Fort Worth, TX
I love sonic. I admit I don't eat there to much but when i do the food is hot and fresh. I only eat onion rings there.. The Lemon-Berry slush is the best slush in the world. They never tell me no when i come there to order a flurry with 5 ingrediants.. cool place for beverages.
La Playa Maya Fort Worth, TX
I would say the food is real good but I really didn't eat anything but the rice. Watch out because when they say fried catfish they mean fried catfish eyes, bones and all....
Cabo Fort Worth, TX
I wasn't to thrilled and my boyfriend hated the place. I had the chicken enchiladas and they were fair. I would say they were over priced. They were not worth what he paid for them and he said his fajitas were the worst he has had? We always go to Mexican restaurants and for the fajitas to be the worst they have to be pretty bad.
La Madeleine Fort Worth, TX
Everyone from work eats there all the time and they love it. I know the cookies are great and so are the salads.
Mike Salerno's Italian Restaurant Fort Worth, TX
I had never hard of the place until a friend I know mentioned it. It is owned by a young guy (Mike Salerno) she went to college with. Real good Italian food. Very authentic. The inside is not anything special but any place where you see the owner of the restaurant bussing tables as well as helping out in the kitchen just to make sure everything runs smooth is pretty amazing to me. Very down home and friendly place.
Chef Chen Chinese Buffet & Bar Fort Worth, TX
It is a buffet so yes some things are not going to be as fresh as they could be. I have eaten at a lot of Chinese restaurants and I think it is one of the best. I like the place and there is a bar there it is to the right as you walk in but it is more of a family place anyway. I do agree about the service though they do seem to hover way too much.
Tippin's Restaurant & Pie Pantry Arlington, TX
THE BEST PIES IN THE WORLD!!! You've got to come and check this place out for a very yummy and filling restaurant.
El Fenix Arlington, TX
Not Impressed at all the one in Fort Worth is just plain bad and this one is a little better. I was not to happy with the taste of the food.
The Olive Garden Arlington, TX
Great food and awesome desserts. It's a great place to go for Italian food!
Bennigan's Arlington, TX
I have been to so many of these places and every time I go to one I walk in there not to impressed and walk out pretty much the same way. It is a good place to take all your family or something but just not a great all around fun place to be. This one I have never been to the bar but I am sure it is the same. The dining was.
Friday's Arlington, TX
The food is not that great and the servers uniforms are hideous. I dot think I have ever received a meal that was worth what I paid for it. I have only bee 3 times in my life spread out over the last 4 years. I only go unless I have to.
Applebee's Neighbor Grill and Bar Arlington, TX
You've been to one you've been to them all. I don't really see how this place stand apart from all the other chain restaurants