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Recent reviews by Winnie X.
Restaurant Name City
Verde Tea & Espresso Bar Mountain View, CA
chinese Pearl Ice Tea place, comparable to Fantasia in Cupertino Village!!
they even have smoothies and sandwiches..
Hot Pot City Milpitas, CA
dinner is cheaper at 10pm (DIScount!)
it's a very authentic Chinese dining experience, however, some people may not have the culture background to be able to appreciate it.. the cook-it-yourself part is the WHOLE point of the hot pot dinner. (though I do agree that smell greasy is an unpleasant side effect)
the reason of the small pot is that the water after the entire cooking is SUPPOSED to be used as a soup base for the noodle soup which gets cooked last.... otherwise the big pot of water will get diluted...
very good food... don't expect to eat $10-$15 worth of meat there, but the seafood section is awesome!! =)