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Recent reviews by Edward R.
Restaurant Name City
Pepito's Burkburnett, TX
The only change in this is the name...It is now Carlito's. Same great food with an expanded menu, but the prices, quality and service is just as good.
Pepito's Burkburnett, TX
This is a nice little working class restaurant in a small town. The food is very tasty, served on hot plates, and served by efficient, friendly servers. The salsa served with the appetizer chips is spicy, lots of flavor, but no need for a fire extinguisher. Serving portions are very generous (especially considering the price, most meals around $5.99). The refried beans are something special. I don't know exactly what they do, but I think it's a touch of lime and cilantro. I personally love the rellenos. About time we got another good restaurant besides Wina's and Circle H. We stop into Pepito's at least once a week. See you there sometime?
Wina's Good & Plenty Burkburnett, TX
Wina's is a good old fashioned small town restaurant. Good home style meals, quality cooking. Great place for the working person with good service too. Go there for breakfast and enjoy listening to the good ole boys swapping lies and talking politics while you enjoy an inexpensive and well made meal. Lunch or dinner? Good food and leave room for some of the best pie you've had in a long time.
Olive Garden Italian Wichita Falls, TX
I really dislike the marinara sauce Olive Garden uses. Way too much sugar in the sauce. I also found the veal parmagiana to be very plain. No seasoning in the breading at all. As always, I gave the place three chances before I decided about it. Just plain old chain food served with enough pretentiousness to justify the price. Wine list is very good, but they just buy it, they don't prepare it. My wife is an Alfredo freak, and she says she was badly disappointed in the sauce. Maybe we've just eaten in too many Italian restaurants. Too bad Bari's is gone.
Johnny Carino's Wichita Falls, TX
Hallelujah! Italian food in Wichita Falls again. I've done my three lunches at Carino's, so here we go. Both the red and white sauces are superb, where you can taste the ingredients. Not just the tomato, but the oregano, basil, thyme, and all the rest. The sausage is fabulous, with loads of flavors to wake up your taste buds. And no sugar flavor, as at the Olive Garden! Really nice bread with seasoned dipping oil (with fresh herbs and roasted garlic) made at the table. Good serving sizes, reasonable prices, gonna eat there a lot! Oh, the tiramisu - You just plain have to try it. Great wine list, and a well equipped bar for mixed drinks. And a bartender who has really learned how. Apparently the training team are real professionals, because I don't try a place until they have left, and I am still pleased. Absolutely the best Italian in Wichita Falls.
Hunan Chinese Restaurant Wichita Falls, TX
Best Chinese restaurant in town! Superb atmosphere, friendly owners, fantastic waitstaff, and reasonable in price. Best of all, superb food! Always fresh, quality food, and deliciously prepared. I spent a lot of years in the Pacific in the USAF, and Hunan's has THE best hot and sour soup this side of the Pacific. And on the other side, I found only one where I enjoyed it more, a little place in Songtan City, Korea. Hunan's also has a large smoker's area (10 booths and tables, seating more than 40) to serve everyone's needs. That can be hard to find. For those who like alcohol with the meal, a well stocked bar. Rated best in Texoma several times by the Times-Record News poll. It is NEVER a mistake to eat at Hunan's!
Mcbride Land & Cattle Co Steaks Wichita Falls, TX
Best ribeyes I have ever consumed. Tender, juicy, obviously done over mesquite (THE steak wood), and perfectly pink. Steak sauce is definitely optional. You just don't need it. Staff is friendly, professional, and efficient. Even the side dishes are braggable. Nice potatoes with all the condiments you need, fine salad (love the blue cheese dressing). Wichita Falls is the home of one of the largest military training installations, so a lot of GIs pass through. While I was stationed in Turkey, we talked a lot about good food. I loved torturing the other carnivores by reminding them that I was going back home to eat at McBride's on Scott. You could see them drool, because they'd been there too.
Fat Mc Bride's Steaks Wichita Falls, TX
The one on Maplewood has fabulous prime rib as well as their steaks. Just can't go wrong. Great steakhouse atmosphere, fine staff. The McBride's restaurants are legendary among steak eaters in the military and pass through Wichita Falls. You won't find a better piece of beef anywhere. They raise their own cattle, and prepare it over mesquite like it was intended to be.
Uncle Lynn's Catfish Wichita Falls, TX
Great while it lasted. Burned to the ground a while ago, and never rebuilt. A great loss to Wichita Falls.