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Restaurant Name City
Papagayo San Mateo, CA
Not Spanish but South American. Real spelling should be Papagullo or parrot.
Food is americanized latino, but not bad for a quick bite.
Lena's Italian Restaurant Santa Rosa, CA
Good wholesome home cooked-type Italian food, large portions. Ambiance dates back to the 30s and 40s. Nothing fancy but a good value.

Saigon City Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Imperial rolls, phos, and lemongrass beef excellent. Waitstaff fast. Not a fancy place, but neat, clean, and with good "smells." A real value for the money. Suggest you use term "share" onless you desire the eat the complete dish.
Capellini San Mateo, CA
Best Italian restaurant in the area. Crowded and a bit noisey. Nevertheless, the quality and quantity of food makes up for all slight inconveniences. Strongly recommend!
Sun Tung Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Little more than a hole in the wall, yet neat and clean. We concentrate on a few dishes, namely Wor Won Ton, Mu Shu Pork, and Noodles and mixed meats and seafoods. Quality is good, service is fast, and not crowded. Most patrons are Asians. Their wontons are excellent.
Kisaku San Mateo, CA
As mentioned below, this restaurant is now located on 43 East 4th Avenue in San Mateo.
Not a sushi person, but do enjoy teriyaki. Can recommend their Teriyaki dinner, miso soup is also excellent.
Service is fast, polite, and unabstrusive. Many Japanese eat here.
Peace Garden Restaurant Peace River, AB
As mentioned below very very good Won Ton Soup. Other staples were ok.
For the boonies of upper Alberta, this is probably the best you can get!
Jailhouse Cafe Moab, UT
For a place that just serves breakfast, they do a bang up job.
Since it the best place in Moab, they do get very crowded, get there early and you wouldn't be disappointed.
China City Price, UT
Many dishes soupy and gloppy, HOWEVER, some of their specials are truly very special.
Their potstickers are locally made, and superb! Better than we usually get in the SF Bay Area.
As I rembermber they also made a good Mu Shu pork. If you can be discriminating you can get a very oood meal.
Restaurant Fort Bragg, CA
Very good food. Best place to eat in Fort Bragg! Waitpersons are caring and very helpful.
Capellini San Mateo, CA
Very good food and service. Specially recommend fried calamari and veal dishes.
Good wine list. Place can be noisy and crowded suggest reservations. Good wine list waitstaff can be helpful in making suggestions.t
Golden Wok Restaurant San Mateo, CA
A dump, BUT great food at very reasonable prices. Clientele mostly asiann.
Strongly recommended for quality and quantity of the food Not for the waitstaff or ambiance.
Vivace Belmont, CA
Excellent Italian restaurant, almost as good as Capellini in San Mateo. Arguably the best restaurant in Belmont.
Rated far superior to its sister restaurant Piacere in San Carlos.
Lena's Italian Restaurant Santa Rosa, CA
Ate there several years ago. Food was Italian, wholesome, and not very expensesive. In particular, the ambiance was out the of the 30s and left me with a feeling of quite ease.