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Restaurant Name City
ABC seafood restaurant San Mateo, CA
Most comments about quality are confirmed. Perhaps they've been too crowded in the past and the service was not up to par. Arrived early for supper and place was neat and clean and waitstaff attentive. Food very good, portions are large and a bit pricey, however, quality warrants it.
Flaherty's Carmel, CA
Good seafood. Not too pricey. Recommend the clam chowder and the fried calamari.
Shells Tampa, FL
Not fancy, get crowded fast (a good sign). Food was quite good and not overly expensive.
Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant Coalinga, CA
Only decent place to eat along the very long stretch of Interstae 5 in the valley.
Hatch Cover Restaurant Redding, CA
One of the better restaurants in Redding(which, unfortunately, isn't saying much.) Really should be situated between three and four stars.
Ben's Best Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant Rego Park, NY
One of the best kosher deli's in Queens. Corned beef and pastrami are especially good. Ambiance and waitpersons are typical. Don't go for the atmosphere, but rather the food.
Eagle's Nest Restaurant Zephyr Cove, NV
Beautiful location. Excellent food, prices not excessive, good wine list, and good servuce. All in all a highly recommended place to eat!
Belle Mangiata Caffe San Mateo, CA
Really only deserves two and a half starts, BUT there is no corkage fee. Mediocre Italian restaurant for the area.
Adele's Restaurant & Lounge Carson City, NV
Bit overrated, glitzy, and pricey. Excellent desserts. Would like to rate it three and a half stars.
Cafe Fiore South Lake Tahoe, CA
Excellent very small restaurant. Better get reservations. Easily deserves four and a half stars. Many good local wines. Strongly recommended!
Keefer's Restaurant King City, CA
Placed dropped a notch lately. Still the best place to eat between Paso Robles and Carmel.
Smokey's Rib Ranch Paso Robles, CA
Dinky little rib joint off 101 just north of Paso Robles. Food is very good and very inexpensive. Easily worth a lunch.
Ian Mc Phee's Grill Templeton, CA
Place dropped a notch. Still a good wholesome meal if stopping over in Paso Robles. Wine by the glass can be very good
Yakiniku House Juban Burlingame, CA
Interesting place to eat in which two couples babecue their own Japanesee dishes. Fund thing to do, but depending on choi9ce can bet to be expensive.
Kaimuki Grill Burlingame, CA
As pointed out below, address is correct, BUT it is in San Mateo , not Burlingame.
Not a sushi person, but other dishes are good. Very crowded.
Viet Hung San Mateo, CA
Concur with statements below. However, Saigon City, also in San Mateo is better.
Mutsu Restaurant San Mateo, CA
Mediocre Japanese restaurant. Would give it 2 and a half stars if this was possible. If nothing else is available, a replacement.
Amici's East Coast Pizzeria San Mateo, CA
Excellent thin crust pizza. House salad with house dressing is enough for two.
Bit pricey but good value. Best pizza joint in San Mateo.
Heidis Of San Mateo San Mateo, CA
Just go for the pies. They are pretty good, and on that basis this place rates two and a half starts.
Jerry Marcus San Mateo, CA
A sister restaurant to Capellini. Not as good and much too noisy. Really rates two and a half starts. Need a quick meal near Hillsdale Plaza, the place to go.