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Sono Japanese Restaurant Mountain View, CA
I have been there three times and each time it is progressively worse than the previous visit. The staff is slow so we arrived after the peak. Although seating was available at the sushi bar, we had to wait 15 minutes while they leisurely cleaned the spaces for us. We were seated by the host and he rudely asked us to move to the right to be elbow-to-elbow with the next patron. I wouldn't have minded it, had there been others waiting in line, but no one sat on our left for the whole meal. The location is prime because it is right on Castro street and quite appealing from the outside. The atmosphere and layout of this restaurant is very good, quite entertaining and fun to select your food off of moving boats. The sushi was adequate, but very routine and nothing special. The hamachi was limp and a little dark. I questioned its freshness. The tempura portions were very small, but tasty. The sushi chefs were non-talkative, not open to conversation when we asked for sushi suggestions. The total price for two was $80. I really prefer a more authentic sushi bar like Sushi Tomi around the corner at 635 W Dana, 968-3227, where the service is courteous, polite, and prompt.
Sushi Tomi Mountain View, CA
Wonderful authentic Japanese restaurant for lunch or dinner. The staff is quite friendly, prompt, courteous, and polite. The sushi chef's are energetic and good hosts always with a tasty recommendation. From the Miso soup to the crisp tempura to the traditional teriyaki, I have never had a bad meal. My date enjoyed being seated at the table with pillows to sit upon. Reasonably priced.
Ann's Thai Cuisine Redwood City, CA
An exceptional Thai restaurant tucked away off of a side street near Broadway in Redwood City. It was a little difficult to find, but well worth it. The small family owned restaurant serves many of the standard Thai dishes, but also those peculiar to their home city of Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat). It is small and personable with the owner Ann tending to each customer. When we visited, I did not see one of my favorite dishes and then asked. Even though it was not on the menu, the cook made it especially for us. The Floating Rama (palam long song) was great we enjoyed the Tom Yung Gai soup, and the curry too. The fish special was excellent and the Thai tea refreshing. One thing I look forward to at Thai restaurants is finding coconut ice cream for dessert and they had it. We have been back several times, each time the food is consistently good, prices reasonable, and service fast.
Thep Thai San Jose, CA
The name Thep Thai refers to Thai Angels, but the restaurant is pure Laos in style. We like to go for the karaoke and dancing they have after 9pm. Great fun, wonderful musiv, and the weekend nights are usually packed. Go early to get a good seat!
Som Tum Thai Kitchen San Francisco, CA
Great Som Tum (papaya salad)!!! The spice was right and not too much lemon - very fresh. We really enjoyed the crispy and light Pla Duk. The portions of soup were a little small, but very tasty. This is a very small, quaint, and authentic restaurant.
Thai City Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
The atmosphere is lacking, but the service prompt and courteous. The lunch specials give you quite a variety for the $6.00 that they charge. Those include soup, side of phad thai, side of todt mun, and your choice of main entree's. Great selection, I enjoyed the Musaman beef. I saw the owner of another Thai restaurant eating there for lunch!
Siam Royal Palo Alto, CA
This restaurant has a great location on University Avenue, easy for shoppers and window watchers strolling by. It is a little Americanized with slow service and blander food. With a little patience and insistance on increased spices on the food, you can tailor the order to your liking. I found the food to be fresh and tasty while the atmosphere was small and a little crowded. Lots of Anglo-Americans, especially on the weekends.
Bai Tong Seattle, WA
A great Thai restaurant with a nice interior atmosphere located in a converted fast food restaurant facility. The food is quite authentic and quickly prepared. I was introduced to Bai Tong a few years ago by several Thai friends who told me that Thai Airline pilots used to frequent it often (Unfortunately, Thai Airways no longer flys to Sea-Tac). What a recommendation!
Bangkok Garden San Jose, CA
An exceptional Thai restaurant with fast service and fair prices. We ordered several dishes and they were prepared quite well with the correct level of spice. At one point we changed our minds after ordering and we were able to substitute dishes with no hassle. We really appreciated the extra effort of the staff. The Tom yung goong soup was tasty, the red curry flavorful, but I would truly recommend the fish, pla duk. Seating can get a little crowded at times. Exceellent Thai tea !!
Siam On Broadway Seattle, WA
This is one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in the Seattle area. Exceptional food cooked freshly and correctly, it has been very enjoyable at each visit. The prices can be a little high compared to other Thai restaurants and the seating can be tight, especially on weekends.
Musashi's Seattle, WA
Great restaurant, small and personable. Not much atmosphere and the portions are small, but typical for Japanese restaurants. The food is tasty, authentic, and very fresh with a fine variety of dishes.
House Of Siam San Jose, CA
This restaurant is quite authentic. One of my favorite Thai dishes is Palam Long Song which is made using a bed of spinach, on which chicken and vegetables cover it, all smothered in Thai peanut sauce. It wasn't on the menu, but the chef was able to make it quickly and correctly. The Tom yung goong soup we had was exceptional and all the ingredients were quite fresh, even the jasmine rice flavorful. We ordered it spicy and the chef cooked it perfectly. Try the Cha yuen (Thai iced tea) as it is wonderful. The prices are a dollar or two higher than elsewhere, but the portions are big, the quality is good and the location and atmosphere more than justify it. This is a great place to take a date to or just visit to remind you of that last trip to Thailand, the "Land Of The Smile". If you have visited Thailand (Moung Thai), then you will recognize the style of cooking as from the central region.
Royal Palm Thai Restaurant Seattle, WA
This restaurant features a very nice atmosphere with seating for both couples and families. There are table clothes with cloth napkins and prompt service of water glasses. I found the portions to be a little small and a bit higher priced than other Thai restaurants. The food is very tasty and the service very good, I have returned several times and feel it is an excellent place to take a date. I especially like the red curry.