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No Name Restaurant Boston, MA
Good seafood at good prices with good portions. One problem is it can get very touristy and crowded especially on the weekends.
955 Ukiah Street Restaurant Mendocino, CA
Ate here over the weekend and was very impressed by the food and service. Seems that this is where the locals go to enjoy themselves. Great lamb and by the way they have hot tubs and saunas onsite, so you can eat and then go relax.
Moosse Cafe Mendocino, CA
Simple, good and great portions. Service was excellent and they have views of the headlands. Check this one out?
Mendocino Hotel & Garden Suite Mendocino, CA
Associated with the Hill House, the food was especially the meats and seafood was very fresh and has a very good setting (old Victorian) over looking a very nice garden and the headlands. Service was very good.
Mendocino Hotel & Garden Suite Mendocino, CA
Associated with the Hill House, the food was especially the meats and seafood was very fresh and has a very good setting (old Victorian) over looking a very nice garden and the headlands. Service was very good.
Mendocino Cafe Mendocino, CA
Great service and the food was very good. Very large salads, snadwiches and Mexican food with a full bar. I hear (from the horse coach driver) that their Italian cuisine for dinner is excellent
El Torito Dublin, CA
This chain has been resting on its laurels. The menu hasn?t had significant changes in years and seems to cater to people that don?t know that you can get better Mexican/TexMex food within a very short distance of this place. You can skip this one?
Dublin Corral Dublin, CA
Dark place which has been there forever and very popular with the locals. Service is good and food is so-so. I?d skip this place and drive to Pleasanton, San Ramon or Danville?
Farmhouse Inn The Forestville, CA
I stayed here during a weekend of wine put on by the local wineries. The accommodations are small cottages, with breakfast and dinner included. The breakfast were good normal fare and during the time we were there they had a guest chef, dinner was quite good but I?m not sure this is normal. If you?re looking for someplace to hang out for the weekend and take in the local flavor, I?d recommend the Farmhouse Inn.
Gualala Hotel Gualala, CA
I liked this place, slow pace with good food, great portions and very friendly service. If you?re in Gualala, check this place out?
Timber Cove Inn Jenner, CA
Not only did I eat here but I also stayed here, you can avoid this place like the plague. They started by putting us in a window seat, half of my face got sun burned because they wouldn?t put the shade part way down to filter the sun light. The food was horrid and we had to send our main courses back twice, including having to point out hair in both of our dishes. The rooms are nothing special and we we?re kept awake by the couple fighting next door. Skip this one?.
Wente Bros Sparkling Cellars Livermore, CA
Went back here for Brunch and I was again pleased by the food, service and their creative meals. What a great setting having brunch overlooking the vineyards, just a fantastic place.
Andale Taqueria Los Gatos, CA
Don?t get me wrong, the Mexican food here is very good probably the best in town, it?s the attitude of the people working there that?s the problem. We went and ordered our meals, when we picked them up my girlfriends had hair in it, not one but hair plural. She took it back and talked to the manager. He took the plate and with his hands picked the hair out and handed it back to her. I then got involved and asked that they remake her dish and they refused. We then asked for our money back on her meal only and they refused. Just because they?re popular doesn?t mean that they can get away with un-sanitary practices. Totally unacceptable?.
Pedro's Los Gatos, CA
By far the worst chain Tex/Mex, Mexican restaurant of the lot. The food is absolutely terrible and uneatable. Service is good when you get it. There are so many better Mexican place is town to go to, please avoid this place!
Willow Street Wood Fired Pizza Ls Los Gatos, CA
So on a whim we went into Willow Street to check it out. We started with the popcorn shrimp and had to send it back because of the grease, now I know this is a trendier kind of place but the grease shouldn?t be filling the plate and falling off the food. We returned it and got the garlic fries another mistake. I ordered pizza for lunch and it definitely tasted like cardboard. If you want to be trendie and remain hungry, eat here?.
Cafe Beaujolais Mendocino, CA
Very good, trendie, imaginative restaurant. They have two seatings nightly and offer a fix price menu or ala cart. Very good service. When in Mendocino check this place out..
Moss Beach Distillery Moss Beach, CA
Their day has past. The food terrible and way over priced ($20 for fish and chips) and the service when you can get it is very poor. If you have a chance to stop, I would recommend to just keep on driving?..
Firestone Grill San Luis Obispo, CA
Good place with nice (can be noisy) atmosphere and standard bar fare. Service is OK..
Chez Panisse Berkeley, CA
One of my all time favorites and I?ve never been disappointed except trying to make a reservation which has become much harder over the last couple of years. The café is much easier to get into with pretty much the same food. With the fresh produce and ingredients they really show creative California cooking.
Pasta Primavera Walnut Creek, CA
This place is really very good. The flavors and service are super and their selection is varied and very different than most ?standard? Italian restaurants in the area. Before trying the high priced Italian restaurants in the area give this one a try and save room for dessert.
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