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Recent reviews by John H.
Restaurant Name City
Yiassoo Campbell, CA
I normally make a bee line for Greek food when moving into a new area, Yiassoo didn't disappoint me. There has only been two places where the food tasted better then Yiassoo, my friends Kitchen and a little place in Washington. The only thing you should steer away from is the cinnamin puffs.
Tony & Alba's Pizza Campbell, CA
When is a pizza worth waiting and hour and a half for? When its from Tony and Alba's! I enjoy their Pizza's so much that I've had ALL posted types and keep coming back for more. I will forever be a fan of the Veggie and Meat combo.
Duke Of Edinburgh Cupertino, CA
I brought an English friend to this place and he said he felt like he was home. Then the food came and I felt like I was home, the fish and chip, Shepherds Pie, and Bangers 'n Mash became a staple in my diet while I was working near the 'Duke'. The service is great and the barmaids have a friendliness to them that makes you wanna stay for hours.
Buster's Grill & Bar Cupertino, CA
'50 Merc, Onion Soup, Bullet Burgers, Potatoe Skins. As long as grease doesn't kill you, you'll love this replica of a good 'ol 50's diner. Fountain drinks are nice to have again as well.
Tgi Fridays Cupertino, CA
The only reason to eat at this chain is the hours, funny hats, and alcohol selection. The food is similiar to the stuff that is cooked out at candle stick.
Outback Steakhouse Cupertino, CA
Vicoria Filet, Ceasar Salad, Shrimp and 2 pints of Fosters. I would love to make this a regular place to eat, the service is WONDERFUL and the atmosphere is perfect. I really enjoyed everything at this place.
Fontanas (Italian) Cupertino, CA
Great food and wine. We bring other couples here just before a Flint Center production, and it helps set the mood for the evening. A very good selection of entres and appetizers. The dessert was pretty darn good too.
J T Mc Hart's Pizza & Grill Cupertino, CA
Pizza by the slice that makes your body and soul happy. This is real meaty pizza, not the new california type. Lunch hour sees this place packed with locals and people from surrounding businesses. They know where the good food is at.
La Azteca Redwood City, CA
I have never had traditional Mexican food like this before. I work around the block from this place and now eat here AT LEAST twice a week. The Chipotle Steak is PERFECT in the Azteca Burrito.
Hawaiian Drive Inn. #28 Redwood City, CA
I work with two people who have recently relocated from Kihei and they LOVE this place. I normally get the Combo with BBQ Chicken and Chicken Katsu. Other then putting weight on you fast, I don't have any problems with the food. The restraunt looks kind of shoved into a little knock of a place and the people are pretty friendly and remember you quickly.
Little India Redwood City, CA
This was my first real experience with Indian food, and it wasn't that bad. I must say that I have no idea what I ate, we came for a buffet, but that it was rather tasty. I'll probably go back there soon.