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Garden Fresh Mountain View, CA
The food is excellent. The presentation is superb. Some of the meat analogue tastes more real than others but none are bad. While the restaraunt is small and in a non-descript stip mall the atmosphere and service is excellent and friendly. The portions are large and the prices are reasonable. When we take home leftovers they very nicely add additional rice to the container. We particularly liked the garlic eggplant, shredded pork (looks and feels like real pork), curry chicken, stuffed tofu and tangerine beef (althought the meat analogue is rather tough and strange looking).
Great Vegi Land Sunnyvale, CA
Food is very tasty and nicely prepared. Potionas are adequate and relatively priced. Lunch is the best value because egg roll and soup are included. I really like the country tofu stew and the shredded pork. Store is located in a stip mall off the beaten path but is worth finding.
Pronto Pizzeria Sunnyvale, CA
Real New York style pizza (and we should know since we're originally from the New York Area). Very good and very greasy (the way it's supposed to be; they use whole-milk mozzarella cheese on a crispy thin crust). Prices are a little higher than other pizzerias but it is worth the price to eat the "real" thing!
Thai Basil Sunnyvale, CA
Authentic Thai food. The best Thai restaurant we've ever eaten at. Every dish is excellent. The eggplant specials are fantastic! We try something new there every time and have never been disappointed. The service is friendly and prompt. The prices are very reasonable considering the quantity and quality of the food. The only drawback is the size. It probably has fewer than a dozen tables and they fill up fast on Friday and Saturday nights. The shops nearby, however, are good to visit while waiting for a table. They do accept reservations so you can call ahead. A recent review in a local paper said they have plans to expand. Also, they are not open on Sunday nights but that might also change with expansion. Call first.
Chicken Salsa Saratoga, CA
Best burritos in the Bay Area. The chicken is to die for. Everything is fresh and fast. The prices are very reasonable. What's really great about the food is that it is healthy Mex. The atmosphere is nothing special; you won't want to go there for a quiet oonversation.
Armadillo Willy's BBQ Los Altos, CA
Best Tex-Mex in Bay Area. The fresh-cut french fries are the best in the world (they're fried in vegetable oil). The smoked ribs are super (you put BQ sauce on yourself). A restaurant we frequent regularly and never get tired of. Their new location on El Camino in Sunnyvale is the most spacious and has the fastest service.