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Restaurant Name City
Colonial Farm Inn New London, NH
The Colonial Farm Inn is a very special place! The food and wine are exquisite, the portions are reasonable, the price is higher than average but you actually get something for your money.
The Inn is gracefully furnished with period articles. The staff trips over them self to serve you well, the ambience is wonderful and there is only one seating...if you get a table at the Inn you are welcome to stay all evening, which makes it a great place to take that special someone.
I recommended this place to a virtual stranger for a honeymoon site and received a thank you note! It's that good. If you have read this much, you should try it.
Saigon Deli Seattle, WA
Near the University of Washington campus, one block off of the main street--University, you'll find Saigon Deli. The place is cozy, friendly and of course, very good. Seating is at a premium during lunch hour. It is run by two very hard working sisters that never leave. I always tell them to take a break! The menu offers many choices from Bun (Rice vermicelli) Com Dia (Rice Dishes), and Chay (Vegetarian). (Unfortunately, there is no Vietnamese font available for this review, so the letters are not what they appear to be). The Eggplant Tofu ($4.50) is excellent, with its generous serving of thin, green eggplant and onions in a garlic sauce, with rice. The Special Vegetarian Soup ($4.95) is also a favorite, loaded with bean curd and tofu chunks, rice noodles, cilantro, in a slightly spicy yellow sauce. Bring a bib or wear a yellow shirt, or you'll be wearing it. The vegetarian soups are made without meat stock! The women are the friendliest in the world and always make sure you're happy with your choice. At times, she'll spring a complimentary large glass of ginseng tea on you. Prices are great, as lunch specials remain under $5.00. I'm tempted to take more classes at UW, so I'll be around more often to eat at Saigon Deli more than I already do! So far, my favorite Vietnamese in Seattle.
15 Point Road Restaurant Portsmouth, RI
A real find, great food, great view, wonderful service and at a great price. Full bar, wine list, and interesting specials. Reservations for 6 or more. Wheelchair accessible,
Try it, you'll go back
Pizza Man Columbia, SC
I have ALWAYS been a fan of Pizza, since the first time Mom brought a Chef Boy-ar-Dee home. As the years passed, I tried Pizza everywhere I travelled. After it had been open for a year or so, I went into the "local" Pizza joint. By FAR the best pizza I have ever had! Fresh everything, the crust is as thin and CRUNCHY as a baked tortilla chip, but with MUCH more flavor. I have taken people who were visiting from all over the world there. The worst review any of them gave was "one of the three or best I've ever had". Most have put it # 1 or # 2. Try it, You'll love it. I have NOTHING to do with the management or ownership of this restaurant.
Murphy Tallmadge, OH
great breakfasts. good menu. good lunches and dinners. avg. lunch/dinner price is $4.50-$7.00. they have good lunch and dinner can't beat the breakfast prices !!!! good family restaurant.try it !!
Korea House Metairie, LA

Bulgoki - marinated BBq beef served with side dishes
Bibimbob - assorted vegetables with sunny side fried egg on top served with hot sauce
Halmul pajon - assorted seafood pan cake
Halmul Jungol - assorted seafood stew
all served with rice and cold side dishes
Dominos Minden, LA
Make sure they write down your odrer or you will wind up with what you didnt order!
Ichiban Japanese Restaurant Winston Salem, NC
With a lack of Sushi in Winston-Salem in you have to take what you can get. The food isn't bad, it's just more like fast food sushi. The portions are of average size, (every now and then one of the chefs will make a nice fat roll). They also serve teriyaki, it is a good size serving.
The service is usaully tolerable however, I did have one experiance when a friend and I ordered sushi and our wives ordered teriyaki. They received their food and finished eating before we were served our sushi. They weren't that busy and if they would have been they could have waited to bring the teriyaki. Sorry to complain like that but this one really tweaked me.
Golden Corral Family Steak House Douglas, GA
We eat there all the time, good service, mgt is really nice and they recgonize regulars and the price is extra nice. Walmart employees get a discount also.
Chilis Grill & Bar California
Pretty good basic "Tex Mex". I had a marinated chicken in lime and tequila that was good! Service was good and prices are average. Great for lunch for 2 or 20.
China Buffet Jacksonville, FL
All excellent, 'sweet and sour chicken, ' 'won-tons, ' 'spring rolls, ' and a delectable array of noodles and soups will have you coming back for more. Extras include pastries, ice cream, and take-out. "Wanna go cheap?" Then, go with take-out. You can pack your box-to-go to the rim. Enjoy!
Philadelphia Corner Lexington, NC
This place offers a variety of foods with excellant service. They specialize in their cheesesteaks whether it be chicken or steak. They also have a steak plate for a very reasonable price that is exceptional. On Saturday nights they have Karoke for the customers and family's to enjoy. They also have a fully stocked bar that is separted from the resturant by a wall to add to the family atmosphere.
Golden Bakery Waterbury, CT
This bakery has the best Portuguese Rolls i have ever had. Not olny do they have the best rolls, but they are at the best price too. They have lots of home-made cookies and pastries.
Korea House Metairie, LA
Bulgoki - Korean famous BBQ beef served with side dishes Hamul pajun - Assorted seafood pancake
Hamul Jungol - Assorted seafood stew
Kalbe - Korean BBQ ribs
Bibembob - Assorted saute vegetables with sunnyside fried egg on top all served rice
The Kingston House Kingston, WI
Molino Viejo Mexican Restaurant Warner Robins, GA
The food is excellent and its very fresh, the salsa is excellent just like they make it in san antonio. I strongly recomend this food try it if you have not.
O'Grady's Family Restaurant Souderton, PA
I usually eat breakfast here once or twice a week. They have a great $0.99 special. The atmosphere is also nice
Family Heritage Restaurant Souderton, PA
A great place to bring the family. Breakfast buffets are a favorite of ours on Saturday mornings (reduced price for kids). Restaurant is run by Chritians and is closed on Sundays in observance of the day.
Chevys Fresh Mex Restaurant Clackamas, OR

the food was amazing!! i had the chicken fajita burrito and it was pure ecstasy to my tongue!!! they make their own chips fresh every day along with their salsa. One time my friends took me there for my birthday, and the waiters came with ice cream and an enormous pink sombrero. they made me put the sombrero on and sang happy birthday to me. the service was excellent and our waiter was very easy on the eyes!! :)
Trade Winds Coffee Co. East Wenatchee, WA
Awesome Caribbean theme, relaxed atmosphere, great coffee. Love the leather sofas!!I think they're open til 10:00pm.
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