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Recent reviews by Matt A.
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City Pizza Campbell, CA
This is one of the best pizza I have had. To give you some perspective, I love thin crust pizza --something like Donato's in the Midwest or the pizza they serve in Southern France (I don't mean to be pretentious, I loved the pizza in Nice). But City Pizza serves thick crust pizza. But it is just great. And the sesame seed on the crust is just out of the ordinary. I just love it. I would definitely recommend them.
Sang Kee Peking Duck House Philadelphia, PA
I was fooled by the reviews below and went there. The food is average or below average. The reviews are a sham since many of the reviews have the exact same text. This place is a fraud who has used the lack of control on this site effectively. Here is their repeated reviews below by different names such as Chester Laughland, Bobby Miller, Brian Lee, etc.: "REALLY good food...." then it goes on to suggest duck, pork and chicken platter which is not very good.