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Restaurant Name City
Regent Seafood Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
The seafood there is nice and fresh. The staff there are friendly and hospitable. Atmosphere is good which scores more points for the place.
Imperial Kitchen Los Angeles, CA
The name sounds impressive but the food is not really so. However, the service helps to compensate for the lack lusture of the food. Although taste isn't as expected, the food is still fresh so cooking is all a matter of the chef and not the ingredients.
Ming Palace Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Food is considered pretty alright. Atmosphere and the staff make you feel warm and cosy juste at home. Food is fresh but if only the chefs are imperial cooks. Food is hot when served which makes it more palatable.
Cowboy Sushi Los Angeles, CA
Great sushi, great staff and great saki all for an affordable price.
Canton Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Pretty average without much frills and decoration. Staff is average and food is mediocre.
Chinese Chopstick Los Angeles, CA
The service there and food is pretty alright. Food is served fresh and hot.
Akina Sushi-Teppan Restaurant Riverside, CA
Nice place for group of friends to spend time talking and meeting up. The staff practically tries to stuff you with food and more food. Atmosphere is relaxing and fun.
Sea Siam Huntington Beach, CA
Solid food and cool staff. Very nice and cosy environment that makes you feel like home.
Golden Thai Bar-B-Q Los Angeles, CA
Nice array of food to choose from. The staff are hot and you really feel at home. Nice cosy and warm environment to make dining fun especially with a group of friends.
Little Java Indonesian Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
The food is hot and spicy. However staff does not seem so warm. Atmosphere is nice and cosy and the food is fresh. For people who like it hot and spicy give it a try.
Classic Thai Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
The food is nice with traditional Thai flavours. The staff are warm and friendly providing good service. The main courses are not that super but the desert is nice and sweet. Try the deserts for people with a sweet tooth or on a quest for sweetness.
Toshi's Sushiya Menlo Park, CA
On of the best sushi that I have eaten. The food is very fresh and the staff there are superb.
Sei Sho Japanese Restaurant Fremont, CA
A great place for sashimi lovers. Great fresh fish nothing better for sushi in that way. Considering the price paid for, its a whole big deal for such good food.
Bonsai Japanese Restaurant Redwood City, CA
Location is good and so is the food. On of the freshest fish as ingredients which accounted for the good taste. Has a nice proportion of fish to the rice. Owner is friendly and greets you with a big smile. Value for money deal.
Seoul Garden San Francisco, CA
Price is reasonable but food portion is not as expected especially the BBQ food. Generally, the food is alright.
Fin's Seafood Grill Westlake Village, CA
The seafood there is fresh and good. Prices are reasonable in relation to the good food. There is a nice assortment to choose from.
J C's Seafood Grill Los Angeles, CA
The seafood there is fresh and good. The atmosphere is warm and cosy. Pricing is reasonable and staff are great. Shoudl try if you love seafood being grilled.
A A Buffet Buena Park, CA
I think the food is not too bad. The service is generally okay. It has a sufficient variety of food to choose from.
North China Restaurant San Diego, CA
The atmosphere is good and the staff are superb. Food is served nice, hot and fresh. Highly recommended to try it.
A Tast Of China Rancho Cucamonga, CA
As a Chinese, i think this is a good rstuarant. One of the best Chinese food around, and the price is reasonable.