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Portner's Alexandria, VA
I have only eaten here for brunch on several occasions and had a ball each time. On a few occasions the service could have been better but the food was always wonderful. The atmosphere in the main restaurant is far better than in the side autrium area. Eaten down in the apothecary shop is a riot. If they have chocolate waffles on the menu, they are a must.
Walk around and check out the decor. Many of the furnishings and architectural antiques came from France I believe. The wine room is an old wrought iron elevator cage. The women's room is also fascinating. The handrails leading up to the second floor are gorgeous.
Lightfoot Leesburg, VA
When in Leesburg, this place is a must visit. Heck, it's worth a trip! What a wonderful place for dinner before or after a concert at the courthouse.
Though the restaurant looks formal, don't be put off. Jeans are perfectly fine. The ladies who own the place used to have a small cafe around the corner, before opening Lightfoot. Many of the herbs are ground out back. The staff is very helpful and pleasant. I have never had a bad meal here so far. Everything works. The menu isn't very large but there seems to be something for everyone.
The decor alone is worth a stop in and if you are having a special occasions, such as a wedding reception or something, this would be a fantastic place to hold it.
Nichi Bei Kai Columbia, MD
Not your typical Bennihana chain restaurant. Nichi Bei Kai has a more family run feel. Chefs are more no-nonsense but can still be very entertaining. The decor is business and if great for groups and people who don't mind sitting with strangers will enjoy it. The menu is limited but the food is well prepared and tasty.
Chicken Out Columbia, District of Columbia
Consistently good food (unless you come close to closing). Selections for those watching their diet as well as higher fat foods, all very good. Large selection of hot and cold items as well as to-order entrees. Prices could be a bit lower, most in the $7-$9 range, which is why I didn't rate it a 5. A single meal with soda can easily be over $10 for lunch. Market decor is airy and nice. This location is very crowded at lunch. If you are ordering for more than 2 and you are carrying out, call ahead instead. Most of the time the staff are friendly and fast but when they're really busy service can be a bit brusque. Go with the flow.
Peking Chef Restaurant Columbia, MD
Once a fantastic restaurant, both carry-out and dine-in, the food quality has gone down enough to disappoint regulars. Cooking is inconsistent. Most food is no longer as well seasoned as it once was. Ordering close to closing sometimes leads to bad results. Scorched fried rice, the wrong sauce on a dish (house instead of plum). The amount of food keeps the value at a descent level.
Bombay Peacock Grill Columbia, MD
Delicious food and friendly service. Large lunch buffet. Location gets a large business clientele but the atmosphere is not stuffy. Good selection of entrees that are "safe" for American tastes. Portions are large and are great for sharing. Perfect for both romantic dinners and large parties.
Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria Columbia, MD
It's a chain. Now that we have that out of the way, they make very good pizza though a bit doughy for my tastes. Their pasta dishes are not consistent but when they're on, they are delicious. I've had one dish twice and the first time it was spicy and delicious, the second time I think someone forgot to drain the pasta first. Service is as expected for a restaurant as large as this is. Some servers truly want you to have a good time, while most others are doing this rather than working at McDonalds. Food normally comes out quickly though.
This is not a place to bring a romantic date. It's normally noisy and packed. Coming on Friday and Saturday nights can be a long wait. Try coming for a late lunch or early dinner instead and miss the rush.