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Restaurant Name City
Summy House Restaurant & Brew Manheim, PA
Almost reminds me of a Bar and Grill, but it is a little more classy. The service was good, along with the food being good for the price. Parking is a little on the small side, so that might be a hassle, but hey almost everything in Manheim is small. Good food, and a great atmosphere.
Eat 'n Park Restaurant Lancaster, PA
I have always had good service and great food at Eat-N-Park. The food has always been prepared to my liking, and if it wasn't the staff would fix any problem I had with a smile. The prices are reasonable, in general it is a nice family restaurant, especially if your in a hurry!
Mama Jean's Lebanon, PA
I use to work for a local radio station, and Mama Jean's advertised with us, well until that point I had never tried it. Well let me tell you, it was a great descion. The subs, wow, the service was great. They prepared the sub to the way i wanted it. I now enjoy eating there and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick meal. They also have a Drive-up window!!!
Old Gin Mill Lebanon, PA
We get there about once a month for a change of pace. The food is good for the price. But what matters to me is service, and well they have very good service. We always have a pleasurable dining experience whenever we go there.
My Place Pizza and Subs Camp Hill, PA
As the above person says "The Best in Harrisburg"!!! What more can one say. Everything about the food is excellent and the service is good to boot. Highly recommend it!!!
Eat Well Diner Lebanon, PA
Nice little restaurant, reminds you of the old style. The food is good for the prices. The atmosphere is a relaxed feeling. And the service is very good. Nice little place to get away from the mundane hum drum of life and go back to when restaurants where nice and small mom and pop places.
Maggie O'Neill's Pub Drexel Hill, PA
Was there once when I lived in Drexel Hill. Its a nice little place, typical bar and grill. The food is great, the service is good, and in general it was a nice eating experience. Would visit again, when i go back!!!
Family Fare East Petersburg, PA
This place had good food, and the atmosphere was nice, but the service was the pits. It took what seemed like an eternity to be waited on, and when they finally took our order the waitress was kind of abrubt in answering our questions. Bad service just turns me off to a place. Otherwise it wasn't bad.
Friday's Towson, MD
Always liked Friday's yeah sometimes the service is slow, but hey there is usually a lot of people there. On the one occasion I was at this particular Friday's we recieved very good service. The food is great, and the prices aren't bad. But about the lines well at least you know that they are a popular chain and that your experience there won't be all that bad.
Colonial Park Diner Harrisburg, PA
Good food, fairly resonable with their prices, and really (and I mean really) good service. Nice place, I think Ill take my family there when we are in Harrisburg.
Santo's Pizza Harrisburg, PA
I work for the state, so when we order out, this is the place we usually call. Great pizza, great subs, and other things like salad, etc.... The deliver almost anywhere in Harrisburg. We enjoy there food I guess thats why we keep going back.
Esther's Restaurant Fredericksburg, PA
Esther's is a little restaurant off of the Interstate. So if you don't mind the truckers stopping in, its a nice little place. It is a typical restaurant of this type, good food at reasonable prices, with the service and feel of a nice sit down family style place. Give it a try if your ever passing through Lebanon county on Interstate 78 toward allentown.
Twin Kiss of Manheim Manheim, PA
This place is a cultural icon in the area. If you want some of the best burgers and steak sandwiches this is it. When i worked in manheim I ate here quiet often. The eating area is not that big, but most get it for take out anyhow. The prices are great for the amount of food you get. And the ROOT BEER is served in frosted cold mugs......very cool. Nice place to stop if you wanna get away from the mundane fast food joints.
Your Place Hershey, PA
If your into going out and hanging with friends, than this is a great place to do it. The pizza is great, drinks are reasonably priced, and there is always something on tv. I use to frequent this place with my friends on a Fri. and Sat. night. great place to hang!
Hershey Italian Lodge Hershey, PA
The food in this place is unbelievable. I love pasta, and they have some of the best in the area. The service is great, and the place is very relaxing. It is also a great place to hold a wedding reception, I should know I was in a wedding that had their reception there.
Twin Kiss Drive-In Palmyra, PA
Been going there since i was a kid! The food is what you'd expect from a little fast food type restaurant. I especially love there philly cheese steak! The dinning area isn't that big, so it has a tendency to get a little crowded. But otherwise the place is clean, and the staff friendly. As for the icecream, doesn't compare to any nationally owned co. Its great.
Heisey's Diner Lebanon, PA
I have been eating there since i was little. It was a family tradition to go for Sunday diner there. The prices are great for the size of the meals. And you can't beat the service, its friendly and they treat you like your one of their family. Its a great place to eat!!!!!!!!!!
El Rodeo Harrisburg, PA
I have a hispanic wife, now mind you she is not mexican, but she loves that type of food. Well we stopped there the other day, and she said that this place has the most authentic food she has ever eaten. That in itself is a huge compliment, especially coming from my wife!!! I also enjoyed the salsa and chips. Overall the food was great, the service was great, its just a great place, period!
Benihana-Japanese Steak House Harrisburg, PA
Its the best place in the area for Oriental food!!! Preparing the food right in front of you is the best part of the whole experience, then you get the food, heavenly. The service is great, the prices are a little high, but with all the little extras it is really worth it. Confusious says "Eat at Benihana's"
Glass Lounge Restaurant Harrisburg, PA
Been there once, waited and waited to be seated, finally after making our way through the crowd we were seated. Then we waited and waited for our waitress, finally got our order in. So while we sat and waited for our order we were getting knocked and said excused to so many times that i lost count. The only bright part was the food.........great food!!! But after all id been through waiting for it, man i just don't know. It was a nice place but service was a little on the poor side, food was great though. Haven't been back since.