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China King California, MD
For lunch, I went with the lunchtime buffet and found it pretty good with General Tsao chicken, sweet & sour pork, salt & pepper shrimp, broccoli beef, lo mein noodles, and so much more including a few western style food for those less inclined. Definitely way short of what I find on the west coast but not bad for a quick, all you can eat lunch in Maryland.
Okada California, MD
For lunch, I had the bento box combination of tempura and chicken teriyaki. The tempura was very good and crispy and the chicken teriyaki was nice and tender. My only complaint might be the quantity served but otherwise the restaurant is very nice looking with an almost new with a main sushi bar and high side tables with a separate section for teppanyaki or hot grill cooking of steaks and seafood.
Stoney's Kingfishers Solomons, MD
For dinner, I started with the crab balls appetizer which came three in count. They were good sized and filled with lots of crab; very good! For a main dish, I ordered the crab crusted rockfish special. This came with a very rich sauce that almost over powered the crab and fish but was drizzled on the side so I could use as little as I wanted. Then to finish off the meal, I had the strawberry shortcake. It came piled with whipped cream and strawberries and needed to be boxed up to go (definitely wasn't going to leave it). The backside of the restaurant has a nice view of the water.
Solomon's Pier Restaurant Solomons, MD
For dinner, I had the broiled grouper, jumbo shrimp and crab ball combination. I found it all fresh, very tasty and filling. Topped it off with the creme brule cheesecake which was great! Sat next to the window with a view of the back patio area overlooking the bay. Must be great during the summer and daytime hours.
Applebee's California, MD
For dinner, I had the bourbon steak which is a sirloin with cajun seasoning with grilled onions, mushrooms and I upgraded with the loaded mash potatoes cheese, bacon and sour cream. The steak was a bit overcooked but much worse was the time it took to get our table's order. The place was busy but not crowded (no waiting to be seated) so I'm not sure what took so long except poor service.
Catamarans Restaurant Solomons, MD
For dinner, I started with the cream of crab soup which was smooth and very good. Followed by grilled redfish with vegetables. Lightly seasoned with tender long green beans and potatoes. Finished it off with a slice of chocolate cake. There was an acoustic guitar player who played for our table and another couple that was very good and looked to be a regular.
Max's Redwood City, CA
For dinner, I had the rasberry glazed pork chops with potatoes and mixed vegetables. The chops was well seasoned, tender and complimented the whole meal well. Finished it off with the Niagara Falls cake to satisfy that chocolate craze. Good service and much bigger restaurant than it looks from the front.
Veranda Cafe At Foxwoods Casino Ledyard, CT
For dinner, I had the surf & turf dinner which comes with a maine lobster tail and small filet mignon, clam chowder and a baked potato. The lobster tail was a bit overcooked though the filet was nicely done to my medium rare. The total came to $42 but I was looking for lobster before I ended my trip so I went for it despite the price. There are plenty of other nice looking items on the menu without needing to shell out this much or visit the long buffet line at the Foxwoods Casino. Service was very good.
Yank Sing San Francisco, CA
For lunch, I went with some friends to get dim sum and was very pleasantly surprised. The food was great and selection wonderful. I had siu mai, Peking duck, cha siu bau, deep fried shrimp, egg custard, and sesame balls. There was so much else I would have liked to try so maybe next time. Also, the restaurant is wonderful looking and at least on Saturday, the restaurant is has tables set up in the inside lobby of the One Rincon Center with a great water feature that rains down water from above. And there is even a to-go dim sum counter for those wanting to take it with you.
Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
For lunch, I had the smoked BBQ ribs. This is slowly becoming my favorite items with tasty ribs with a bit of a smoke flavor, crisp fries, beans and coleslaw. The restaurant is located in Station Square with a wonderful music coordinated water fountain in the center square with the river and cityscape as a backdrop. A really nice location and place to hang out.
Century Flames Coffee Shop San Jose, CA
For dinner, I had the grilled pork chops that I got with a salad, rice and mixed vegetables. The salad is a bit simple but the chops were nice and very filling. But I came here for the desserts and made sure I left room for the chocolate fudge cake. The cake was just fantastic with more chocolate than one should eat. My only disappointment was the first choice cake, Niagara Falls cake, was sold out. Check out the desserts in the display case as you enter the restaurant as the words on the menu just don't tell the whole story.
Havana Mania Redondo Beach, CA
For lunch, I had the lunch special Lechon Cubano or roasted pork in garlic and onions. It came with write rice, black beans and plantains. The pork was tender though I didn't expect it to be just seasoned with the garlic and onions so I thought it was a bit bland. The black beans had some sauce so I used it to zest up the pork and that was very nice. The plantains were very good and overall I thought the sit down lunch was a nice change from the usual fare. Very friendly staff.
Ohana Hawaiian Bbq Lawndale, CA
For lunch, I had the combination plate with BBQ short ribs and chicken katsu. It came with dipping sauce, white rice and macaroni salad. The meal was extremely filling and the katsu was very good, tender with crisp coating, though the dipping sauce was a bit thin for the usual tonkatsu sauce I'm used to. The ribs were good too but seemed a bit skimpy when compared to the quantity of katsu. With soft drink, the whole total was just 50 cents short of $10.
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar Redwood City, CA
For dinner, I had the BBQ baby back ribs with fries, baked beans and cole slaw, along with a strawberry & coconut smoothie. The ribs were great, tender with tangy BBQ sauce. Nice fries and a really nice smoothie. The place was pretty busy on a Friday night with a slight wait for dinner.
Old Port Lobster Shack Redwood City, CA
I had the Maine Roll Lobster Roll for $17.75 because it was their signature dish. It came with cole slaw, potato chips and a few pickle slices. The roll seemed more like a large slice of bread toasted and folded over. The roll was ok but I was a bit disappointed didn't get that good Maine lobster taste I was expecting. It did not have much mayo in it which I was told is good but I think it might have been better with more. I also had a cup of the lobster bisque which was nice but I thought a bit thin. I got a taste of the New England clam chowder and found it also quite thin but very tasty.
Fish Hopper Monterey, CA
For lunch, I had the Crab Crusted Salmon that came with mixed vegetables and mash potatoes. The meal was very good though the salmon serving size was a bit small. But the table service (refills, etc) was quite excellent and the ocean view was great.
Fatburger Manhattan Beach, CA
For lunch, I had the Fatburger Deal which is a Fatburger with fries and soft drink. Not a bad deal for a good juicy burger. They also make good shakes but passed on this visit.
The Loft Hawaiian Restaurant Lakewood, CA
For dinner, I had the 3 item combo plate with Teriyaki chicken, deep fried Hawaiian chicken and the Korean beef. This was a lot to eat. All was good but I really enjoyed the Korean beef and the deep fried chicken. I will order the 2 item combo plate next time, unless I need another late night snack of the leftovers.
All Season Sushi Redwood City, CA
For dinner, I had beef sukiyaki with assorted sushi orders on the side. The sukiyaki was nice with lots of great ingredients but a little bland on the broth. The sushi was very good with me trying the unagi and various specialty rolls. The restaurant is located right across the street from the Redwood City CalTrain station and the staff is very friendly. The restaurant is also known as Seasonal Sushi, if you go by the name on the building versus the name on the business card.
Hard Rock Cafe Denver, CO
For lunch, I had the Mad Anthony's Grilled Skirt Steak. It comes with sweet potato fries and veggies. I like the BBQ sauce flavor and find the sweet potato fries a bit unique and a nice difference. The staff provided great service and very friendly in the merchandise shop.
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