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Palace BBQ Buffet Sunnyvale, CA
I've listed the lunch buffet price. At $10 it's a real deal! The selection is really good---all the meats you'd like----chicken, beef, pork, chicken gizzards, tongue, etc. Just trying alittle of everything will fill you up. They've got soups, like chowder, as well as many fruits and veggies. It's a big place, and guess you can get in as long as you get here before 12.......except maybe on Fridays. It's an experience! Try it.
Pacific Cafe San Francisco, CA
First off, the price range should be $10-20, but that wasn't one of the options. This place is a real treat! Cute colorful place with real life. The service was very good, and friendly. The food was creative and tasty. And if I didn't already say it, it's line is seafood. Haven't had a dish there that wasn't above average. If your familiar with the Fish Market, well, this place is kind of like that place, only about 20% better! Arrive early, it's real popular, and it's small---but if you don't, we've usually received a free chablis to help with the wait!! It's worth going out of your way for.
Mezza Luna Restaurant Half Moon Bay, CA
Very nice place. In the harbor, with a little view of same. Excellent service, good bread, nice decor, very good food. Try the linguine and clams(or mussels), more like steamed clams over linguine........very tasty stuff. Red sauce stuff is equally good. If your in the neihborhood, try it.
Quarter Lb Big Burger Brentwood, CA
The good thing about this place is: 1) it's open 24 hours a day 2) it's cheap!
....but it's borderline 'dirty', and the food is below par. Oily, cold, and improperly cooked...anything else ya want to know? Go here only if you can't find a Denny's at 3 am.
Siam Royal Palo Alto, CA
Enjoyed the simple atmosphere......quite, ethnic. I've tried this place a couple of times and have found it to be OK. I struggle with hot foods, but have found this place to be mild on their hot stuff, so it suits me just fine. Service in my experience is just fine. I've had worse Thai food. Not worth going too far out of you way, but I enjoyed it.
China Delight Santa Clara, CA
Another very good Chinese restaurant. It's small---seats only about 50 people. Not cheap, but very tasty stuff. Try the 'original' sweet and sour dishes---not quite as sweet, but I liked the flavor. Beef chow fun was a little dry for my taste, but still good. It's a 'gonna come back to try more' place.
Maria Elena's Alviso, CA
Authentic, very good food. My Mexican buddies love this place! Get's really crowded at lunchtime. It's just around the corner from Vahl's. The salsa is really tasty, and not hot.(I can't handle hot stuff very well). Try this place, it'll become one of your favorites.
Sushi Maru Sunnyvale, CA
New place. Surrounded by others, but is better than those. The decor is simple, but nice, as well as reasonably quiet. Sushi boat bar is the decor. The sushi is above average. They have a good selection. For those that like it, they've got abalone sushi, and also tempura shrimp sushi. Fairly priced, good service, nice environment. We've hit this place 3 times in the last 2 weeks, and will be back.
Ariake San Jose, CA
This place almost looks like a 'fast food' place. Simple decor, kinda like a small Miyake's. Only holds about 30, so come early. The food is also much like Miyake's---which in general is pretty good. Likewise, it's very resonable. It's worth a return visit.
A.P. Stumps San Jose, CA
On it's card, it says the food is 'New "American'. I'm not sure what that is, but it's definitely good. The presentation is great. The atmosphere is upscale yuppy(which is really nice), and the service is really attentive (swarming with activity---lots of help). The food's well prepared, but kind of lacking in helping size, but than, you don't usually go to a place like this to get a full tummy anyway. Unfortunately, I've got a big appetite. It'll make a good place for the girls to get together! A good place close to the Arena for a great meal.
Abundant Air Palo Alto, CA
This place is across the parking lot from the Palo Alto Muni golf course. It's tuck in at the PA. Airport, near the training facilities. It's got nice tables for sitting outside. The food is upscale deli. The prices reflect the increased effort put into the sandwiches and sides. Very good food, a bit higher price. Limited menu, but worth a visit on a sunny day. Personnally, I like the French Dip sandwich.
Sidney's San Ramon, CA
Sassys Cafe Pleasanton, CA
Cute little place in downtown Pleasanton. Sidewalk seatingavailable---when it's not too hot. Only had lunch here but it's a 'repeat' place. Hamburgers are 'healthy', and you won't leave with much space left in the stomach---suggest splitting it if your don't have a big appetite. All there sandwiches are plenty and good. Haven't gotten around to their whole menu, but if it's like what I've already tried, it's a keeper. The service is friendly and very attentive. Try it. ps....if you like your iced tea sweet, try their rasberry iced tea.
Hardy's Bavaria Sunnyvale, CA
Unfortunately I'm not an expert on German food, but we found our experience here very good. I had the venison, and it was really good. The others in my party had been here a number of occassions, and all enjoyed what they ate. It's a relative bargain, and the service is good. I don't think you'll be dissappointed here. There is outside patio dining available.
Lock Chun Restaurant Santa Clara, CA
Like most Chinese restaurants, you have to know what to order. I've tried different dishes, but haven't gone head over heals for any. But I also haven't found any to be below average either. I do like their chicken chow mein, which is one of the 'base' items in most orders. It's a little oily, but is very tasty. Oily is kind of normal for Szechuan food, but then, that's why I like it's flavor! Service was casual, but good----and friendly. It's a little strip mall type location across from Toyota used cars. I think it's worth a try.....maybe you'll like the items you choose.
The New Orient Mountain View, CA
Good fast Chinese food. Most cheap places are crummy, but this place is pretty good---problem is that I prefer Lucky. But if this place is convenient, you'll find it worth it.
Jerome's Cafe & Grill Petaluma, CA
I think the thing that makes this a 'good' place vs. an average place is the barbecue sauce is very good. I found the portions and the quality to be average. I'm not sure where they got those miniature chickens, but they should try a better fowl supplier. The pork was good, but the servings were alittle light. The beef and pork ribs were fine. Personnally, I'd go to McNear's, but than it cost a little more there.
Mcnear's Saloon & Dining House Petaluma, CA
Price range is probably higher, but many of the items are 5-10. The barbecue combinations are $13, but you get a lot of food. Most of the items are a bit much for the average appetite. Another good item is the chili burger(be hungry). The pork shoulder is very good, as are there pork ribs. The quality of their meats is also above average. So many of the items were very good, including the chili and fries----and you have a large number of things to choose from! There's sidewalk side seating, as well as indoor seating--and they've got a large, active bar. A 'fun' place to hang.
Victory Palace Mountain View, CA
Watch out!!! The food looks like it was left over from yesterday (at best!). Almost everything looked dark and dry on the surface, and better once you turned it over. At the best, the items on their dinner buffet, were average-----most were below average, and dry and bland. The fried chicken was ok, but very oily. Their' beef was tough, and lacked any real flavor. The foods cheap, but the quality is even below this level....... ........I won't be back.
Fambrini's Terrace Caffe & Catering Palo Alto, CA
If I didn't spot the umbrellas up on the roof of the Bank of America building, I wouldn't have guessed that there was a place to eat up there! It's across the street from the Olive Garden. There's indoor and patio seating. The decor is simple and neat. The menu is 'deli' with some extensions into some simple 'entree' type dishes. The food is above average, and the price is accordingly above ave. The sandwiches run about $5-6. They also carry an assortment of pasta/potato salads and some soups. They're gaspacho is tasty, with a little bite. They have enough variety to keep you in new things for quite a while. With the rooftop location, and the good food, it's worth the visit. Pick a nice day and try it.
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