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Yankee Pier San Jose, CA
Went here for lunch on Nov 13th. Sat outside and service was very, very slow. We had a tuna melt (fresh tuna, very good, but the bread was rather boring), and the Halibut, which was cooked well, but was a piece about 2x2, for $18.50 which was a bit high for a lunch size portion.
Lazy Dog Cafe Torrance, CA
This sort of reminds me of a BJ's in LA, or an Elephant Bar type place, but it is different. They have everything on the menu from Asian style plates to grilled cheese sandwiches, but they are all a step above the average. It's a great place to go if you are hungry and want good, not excellent, but very good food. It's a very casual place, very large, and the one we went to was part of a huge shopping center. They have outdoor seating, but we opted for the air conditioning inside. Service was excellent, quick and friendly. Food came to the table piping hot and shortly after we ordered it. I'd go back again if in the area. It's about 5 minutes from Redondo Beach where we were staying.
Ortega 120 Redondo Beach, CA
This restaurant is excellent. Went there last week while visiting in Redondo Beach. The restaurant is very large and very busy. We went on a Thursday evening around 7PM and it was mobbed, but we got a seat right away. Service was excellent. The moment we sat down someone came to the table asking if we wanted drinks. Chips and delicious salsa came shortly after. Tacos had been recommended, so I had the chicken tacos which came with all the accompaniements and they were great. Someone else had the taco combination plate which had 5 different types of tacos..chicken, beef, pork, shrimp and...I don't recall. They are served with bean and rice. The menu is huge, so if you like Mexican food you will have no problem finding something you like. If I ever go back to Redondo Beach I will definitely go to Ortega 120.
Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant Coalinga, CA
So, another few years have passed and I went to Harris ranch again on the way home from LA. We stopped around 2PM and it was very crowded. They have 2 very large dining areas though, so we didn't have to wait. As before, the food seemed to take forever to get to us. I had a turkey roll sandwhich which was ok. Turkey wasn't abundant, but the sandwhich was rather large. The person I was with had one of the specials, liver with bacon and onions. The liver was sliced very thin, unlike what he had had before in other restaurants. He said it was ok. It was served with mashed potatoes which were quite good and a cobbett of corn which also was good. I still think it's expensive for what they serve, the service is rather slow, but it is right on Highway 5 at a location that just seems to be convenient, so that's why I think they get the business. I say every time I won't go back, but we do, so that must say something about it.
Good Stuff Redondo Beach, CA
Great spot to have lunch. Had a turkey sandwich which was fine, not exceptional, but fine and the person I was with had a steak salad which he really enjoyed. They have a nice outside area to sit in. Service is ok, average, not exceptional. Just a good place to grab lunch.
Alfred's Steakhouse San Francisco, CA
Had occasion to go back to Alfred's for a rehearsal dinner for a wedding and was less than happy with the service or the food. The steaks were either overdone or underdone, the service was not nearly as good as it was before and the room where the rehearsal was, was downstairs, no windows, not very nice. I used to think this was one of SF's best steak restaurants, but now I have changed my mind.
Servino Belvedere Tiburon, CA
We ended up going here for a late lunch on a beautiful weekend because our first choice, Sam's, was too crowded. At 2 in the afternoon there was a two and one half hour wait for Sam's, so we went looking for another waterfront restaurant where you could sit outside. Tiburon has a very small main street with a few restaurants, but only 2 we found where you could sit outside..Sam's and Servino. Servino has a beautiful view of SF if the tourist boats aren't blocking it, and they do most of the time. The pier for the tourist boats from SF is right in front of the outside seating of this restaurant, so it's rather annoying. The food was good, but a bit too expensive for a Sat afternoon lunch. Cost us over $70 to have a chicken caesar salad, mahi mahi, a glass of wine and a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I doubt I'd go again, but we were there and wanted to eat.
Quarry Steak House West Coxsackie, NY
We went to a private party here on just this last weekend. The food was served family style and we had a lot of starchy and fried things, which on the whole were not that great. Service was rather awful, seemed to be kids who really didn't know what they were doing. It's not like eating in San Franciscso, that's for sure, but we heard that a lot of the locals love the place...but I surely would not go back.
Houlihan's Restaurant Albany, NY
So, 2 years later we went back to this restaurant on a visit to Albany, NY. The food is ok, not great, but the service was quite good. It reminds me of any chain restaurant with so so food and ok service. Prices are a bit high for what they serve, but it's better than the food court.
Bruegger's Bagel Bakery Albany, NY
Love, love, love the bagels here. They rival Noahs in CA!
Yono's Restaurant Albany, NY
Best restaurant we have eaten at in Albany and we have been about 5 times in the last two years. Food is excellent, service great. Valet parking at the hotel in back which is very convenient. The bistro is excellent too..drinks, burgers, desserts, all great!
Crepevine San Francisco, CA
Never been to this crepevine, but it's a chain and have frequented the one in Burlingame which is great. Large portions of good food. They have crepes, salads which are excellent, sandwiches, etc. They have one burger on the menu which is also good. Burlingame has an outside eating area which is quite lovely on a warm day. You order your own food and then they bring it to you when it's done. Prices are reasonable for the amount of food you get. We go often.
Copenhagen Bakery & Coffee Shop Burlingame, CA
Well, the regular menu isn't so great, that is, the food is not outstanding, but the bakery is wonderful. We tried wedding cakes here for my daughter's wedding and the cakes were moist and tasted great. The fillings were great also. We purchased some danish and some bread from the bakery, which was absolutely crowded in the middle of a weekday, and we were not disappointed. This is a quality bakery.
The Cakery Burlingame, CA
Went here last week to try some samples of wedding cakes for my daughter's wedding. They were ok. Not exceptional. The cake itself had no flavor, but the fillings were good, but again, not exceptional. We will not be getting out cake from this bakery. While we were there, for about an hour, not another person came into this bakery. I think that says something.
Panda Express San Francisco, CA
This Panda Express is not a great one. There are in Stonestown Mall, one in Tanforan Mall and they are better. The portions are large, the quality good for fast food Chinese. I agree that the orange chicken used to be better. They have added a spice I don't quite like anymore. Seems they are not filling up the plates as much, but that could be due to the state of the economy.
California Pizza Kitchen San Mateo, CA
Well, went back here after 2 years and the quality and food is just as good. Some are right in saying it is not the place to go to get your "average" pizza. The crusts are thinner, the ingredients are not piled on, but you can customize any pizza you want, as in the case of me wanting their BBQ chicken pizza without the cilantro or the smoked cheese. I added spices and cheeses I liked and it was great. The person with me had the portobella raviolis which were excellent. This restaurant is located inside a large mall, and rather than go to a food court, it's nice to have a place to sit down and get waited on.
Houstons San Francisco, CA
Ok, so Houston's used to be one of my favorite places to grab a Fri or Sat night dinner, but not anymore. The services was the worst we have had in years and the food was just ok, not exceptional for the expensive price. I had a filet mignon, I asked for rare and I got raw, and mashed potatoes. That was all that was on the plate. They serve no bread, in case you like to have it, it's not there. We had a party of 5 and they automatically added like 20% tip, which was also unreasonable. Our waitress did not deserve it. We complained to the manager who had the audacity to question us and tell us that he had never had a complaint about a waitress before. I think that is absurd. She brought out two cocktails, said she would bring the others and she never did. She forgot one entre, so we had to wait a while to get that. She never asked if we wanted coffee, tea, or dessert. She was NOT, and I repeat, NOT a good waitress and the manager should have handled it in a different way. We will not go least not for a very long time.
Modern Tea San Francisco, CA
We happened upon this restaurant on a recommendation from friends. We went on Sunday hoping to have lunch, but they were serving their version of "brunch". We ordered two different entrees...with portions that came which were extremely small. I had two eggs, potatoes and a piece of some sort of bread all piled on one small plate. My friend had salmon and eggs which she said was good, but again, smallish portion. We had two different teas. We also ordred two desserts, one that you order by the inch. Costs $1.00 for an inch of what they say is a very rich chocolate cake, but it was just an average cake, an inch square and about 1/4 inch thick. We had 2, so $2.00..hardly worth it. We also had a lemon type custard, but it was more like a cake and not very good. People seem to love this place, but by the time we ate and left a tip it was over $55 and for brunch I think that is a bit ridiculous, especially when there are places like "Stacks" right down the block that serves hearty portions for much less cost. The one exceptional thing about this place was the waiter..he was EXCELLENT!
Marcello's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This is the first time I've been back to this restaurant in a few years. The restaurant has got to be about 50 years old, and it continues to serve good, but not excellent food. We had the minnestrone soup which is one of the best things they serve in my opinion. We had veal, good, and eggplant parmesean which was also good. The pasta course is just some plain pasta with sauce, not great, but filling. Dinner for 2, with wine, was $65...a bit high for what you get, but all in all a place I would return to, in a couple years.
Mastro's Steakhouse Beverly Hills, CA
This is another excellent steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Ruth's Chris is excellent, and this is right up there with that, possibly even better. Dinner for six of us, with drinks, wine, lots of sides, appetizers and dessert was around $800, and well worth it. The steaks are cooked to perfection, with a little hot butter on them like RC, but not quite as much. The sides are all excellent from the sweet potatoe fries to the creamed corn and everything in between. They had a special side of lobster mashed potatoes, which, honestly, was not my favorite and at $32.95 I would not order it again. The desserts are to die for. One thing that everyone liked was that when they served martinis, they left the shaker because there was enough for 2 martinis in each one. Pricey, about $18 per drink, but again, well worth it. The service was impeccable and they have valet parking which is absolutely necessary. I would highly recommend this restaurant, but only if money is no object. It would be great for a special occasion, although it is very crowded on weekend nights and very noisy. Ask for a table in the upstairs back room away from the piano bar or downstairs.
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