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Recent reviews by Celina Y.
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Pacific Restaurant Daly City, CA
Many people (mostly Filipino Americans) use this restaurant for parties because the food is cheap and it accomodates large parties, including a dance floor.
While it is clean and the waitresses are friendly, the food is terrible!!! How much more grease can you eat? Even the soups are extremely greasy! If it is an absolute must eat Chinese food now, stick with a rice plate such as curry chicken. Otherwise, just wait...or your stomach will be sorry.
Tony Roma's San Francisco, CA
The service and view/location is great! This restuarant makes you feel like you are dining in a 5 star restaurant with the whole atmosphere and look to it. The waiters are friendly and prompt. And there's even a person out front who hands you a coupon to lure you in...well it worked on me. However, I was dissapointed in the quality of the food and the freshness. Due to the fact that the food came out only 5 minutes after we ordered, I believe the food was pre-cooked and just warmed and plated prior to serving it. The meat was chewy and the seafood tasted as if it wasn't thawed completely. Maybe the food would have been better 3 hours before I actaully got it.
Koi Palace Daly City, CA
I love this restaurant!!! One of the only few good Chinese restaurants in Daly City. I have never had their dinner but have enjoyed dim sum there several times. Don't even think about going there on the weekends after 10am...the place gets so busy that you can not even walk through to get a number for a table. However, if you call in advance, they will give you a number so that you do not have to wait as long. Though the waiting could easily be over an hour...the wait is worth it. All of the traditional dishes can be found here and what variety!
Just Wonton San Francisco, CA
This place is great for a quick bite to eat or food to go. They offer good Chinese food at decent prices. I don't suggest the Ma Po Dofu...big chunks of dofu with hamburger meat and not spicy. The wonton is wonderful, their chow fun is not greasy, and their jook is also nice and thick...every once in a while their pai don is a little outdated (yes...more than 100 years, at least it tastes like it). If you like atmosphere...this is not the place to go...its just a little hole in the wall. But if you enjoy easy'd love it here, its all residential.
Kam's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This is one of my favorite restaurants! I was surpised that nobody critiqued their customer service...customer service especially sucks on the weekends. And if you're Chinese or a regular...service sucks even more! One time the waitress brought out tomato beef and I asked for tomato beef chow mein and she yelled at me in Chinese and told me to speak up next time. This is also not the cleanest restaurant and the proof is in the restrooms and the tables near the corners.
Despite the service and cleansiness...the servings are huge and at a good price. A few of my favorite dishes...Kam's Gourment Chicken...fried chicken pieces cut up with a spicy honey glaze served with fried chow fun noodles over it. Kam's is well known for their Hung Toa Yee Won Ton (or just ask for the deep fried won ton in the white soup)...deep fried won ton served in a egg white soup with salted pork. Kam's House Chow Fun is not overly greasy, comes with celery, shrimp, Chinese BBQ pork, and chicken. I do not recommend their gin doe pwy gut (I think this is called Peking Spareribs in English...not sure)...overly sweet or steak cue/steak cubes with greens...too chewy.
Jade Dragon Daly City, CA
This is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Daly City...but it is also one of the worst. While prompt seating is always availbe, the restaurant is clean with well decor, the food is terrible. I have met many people who love the food here, but I hate to say that if you are Chinese or enjoy "real" Chinese food, this is not the place to go. If you like eating food at Panda Express and dishes such as Sweet and Sour Pork or Kung Pao Chicken..then this might be heaven for you.
King Wah Chinese Daly City, CA
This is another of one of the few Chinese restaurants in Daly City--but this is one of the better ones. Seating is always available as well as easy parking-the farest you will ever park is probably one block. I love the Koi Pond which keeps children entertained while waiting for a table...usually a 5-10 minute wait on weekends, especially Sundays for Dim Sum.
Their dim sum is fresh and good...although very limited to the more common dim sum dishes such as ha gow (shrimp dumplings), sui mai (pork dumplings), churng fun (rice noodles that haven't been cut stuffed with shrimp, BBQ pork, or beef and served with sweet soy sauce), and so forth.
As for dinner, I love their steak cue...very very very tender. Their gin doe pwy gut (peking spareribs???) is also very tender and at the perfet sweetness. The food is good though their recipes or chefs are not consistent and servings a bit on the small side, but its just what Daly City needs...since Koi Palace is always crowed.
Tong Palace San Francisco, CA
This restaurant has been here forever! I am sure the managers have changed since it first opened, but the food has not changed a bit. This restaurants used to be notorius for wedding receptions, red egg ginger parties, and other parties but since they took their water fountain out it has changed. (The water fountain is located on the bottom floor and went through a whole to the second can still see the fountain on the bottom).
I love going to this place on the weekday when parking is sooo much easier compared to the weekends and waiting is less than a split second. On the weekdays, the often fry egg rolls and lo bak go (turnip cake...or taro root...I always forget) right in front of your table. Their food is always fresh and on weekends or weekdays at the right time you can get a pretty good variety. Try their mango pudding!!!
Toy Boat Dessert San Francisco, CA
This is a great place to go if you have kids...there are so many toys decorating the walls and many are available for purchase. They also have this mechanical horse you (or your kids) can ride. Despite the fun child like atmosphere...their ice cream is not so ordinary. Actually its pretty pricy for ice cream.
Hana Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I love this place!!! Hana's has been around forever and I have been going there since before I was born. My parents had one of their first dates here. When my mom was pregnant with me she went here often. And even when my mom was in the hospital after giving birth to me, she lured in the doctors with her food from Hana's. The waitresses here are soo kind and always remembers me and knows what I want to order...katsu don buri. My favorite! Parking here is rather difficult but there are two small parking lots, I think one is located between Irving and Judah on 5th Ave and the other on 6th. Sushi here is a little expensive, but if you decide to order, get the crispy Salmon skin roll or BBQ eel.
Tommy's Mexican Restaurant San Francisco, CA
As I read in one of the other must have been buzzed to not notice that the food was not the greatest. This Mexican restaurant is always getting good reviews, but I think its only a good place to hang out, have a few drunks, and get something small to eat. If you like loud restaurants, slow service and tight seating...try it. Otherwise, I suggest the Thai restaurant, Khan Toke, next door.
Chevys Mexican Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I can't believe Chevy's is even on here!!! C'mon now...its a chain restaurnt! How authentic is it really??? Oh, I gave them 2 stars since they do have a full bar and prety good alcoholic drinks.
El Torito Daly City, CA
I still can not believe that Chevy's and this place is on here! They're chain restaurants...but if I had to choose between the two, I would chose El Toritos. It is quieter and the food has more flavor. The service is excellent as well as the decor.
On Sunday mornings the have a wonderful all you can eat Brunch Bar for about $10.
Khan Toke Thai House San Francisco, CA
True..the food may not be the best Thai in the bay area, but the atmosphere is what you are paying for. How much more can you be in Thailand without leaving SF? The servings are a little small and if you get really spicy dishes they seem to be a little bland. I can not remember the name of the dish, but it was fried noodles wrapped around prawns with a sweet and sour like sauce over it...delicious!!! Although the servings are small you seem to get fool on appetizers and Thai Ice Tea but don't foget to save room for their fried banana with honey.
Mae-Thip Thai Cusine San Francisco, CA
This restaurant has good customer service but are a little slow with the cooking. Even on slow nights, the wait can be rather lengthy. But servings are a pretty good sized portion and taste is superb!!! Their deep fried tofu in peanut sauce and pad thai are one of my favorites!
Lhasa Moon San Francisco, CA
I went to this restuarant based on the good reviews that it had and was sadly dissapointed. I ordered the momo dumplings which were supposed to be special and delicate, but I am sorry to say that I did not find anything special about it. I also tried the different types of breads that they had (sorry, I do not recall the names of these breads) but they were extrememtly yeasty tasting and bland.
Although the food was not the best, I did enjoy the Tibetan music and atmosphere. I especially liked how this restuarant had bumper stickers and petitions (or other news) pertaining to their ethnic country of origin.
Okazu-Ya Taraval San Francisco, CA
I browsed through many of the other reviews and have to say, I was shocked! I love this restaurant!!! True, waiting at this restaurant could be a bit excessive and the customer service could be improved. I'm not sure if its because I am Asian American, but I usually do not expect too much from Asian American restaurants.
And for the sushi that everybody was complaining about..if you like fresh fresh sushi check out Yummy Fish Market/Sushi Bar on Irving and 23 or 24. Its a small fish market that sells sushi to go on the more fresh can you ask? But going back to Okazu-Yu time try ordering the Sea Bass. Its grilled on a black iron with bean sprouts and some sauce...yummy!!!
Sugar Bowl Bakery & Donuts Daly City, CA
There are several other locations to this restaurant (the other one I know is on Balboa and I think the rest are in San Jose). The cakes at Sugar Bowl are very inexpensive, but the frosty is that really sweet cheap stuff...not real whip cream. But if you have several children to serve who doesn't know the difference, this is the place to go.
This Vietnamese owned restaurant also sells some Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, other soups, noodle dishes, and their best are the Vietnamese sandwiches in either Chicke, beef, or pork.