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Bandera Los Altos, CA
When we have guests form Europe in town, they always seem to want to try "American" food. I was always at a loss when trying to come up with something. It usually ended up with us going to some bar-b-que place, or steak house. They tend to come away disapointed. Thanks to Bandera's I think this problem has been solved. The range of dinners may not be as great as some restaurants, but it's plenty to show off more than one form of American cuisine. The mushroon ragout was excellant as an appitizer. My ribs were so well done that the meat fell off the bone (one small nit, some of the meat was more than just a little overcooked, it was charcoal), others who had the cluck and moo, were equally pleased. The mashed potatos were the best I've had at a restaurant.Not sure what they mix in with them, but they are great. As noted above, the place can be very noisy. We were luckily seated in a corner so the din was greatly reduced. Service was very good, if not overly so. My only other nit, the lighting for our table was limited. Glad I now have a place to take the French and show them what real American food is.
Mandarin Classic Los Altos, CA
I think some of the other reviewers have said as much, but I think the best way to describe Maderian Classic, is that it's not a Chinese restaurant, it's a restaurant that serves great Chinese food! I have eaten there for lunch and dinner. The food is wonderfully prepared. Common dishes are uncommonly good here. They have pushed Chinese food to the next level. This is fine dinning with a Chinese twist.
Hardy's Bavaria Sunnyvale, CA
As German Restaurants go, Hardy's is one of the best in the US. We started with the assorted sausage appetizer and the dumplings with mushroom sauce vegitarian entree served as an appetizer. Both were excellent. The food was as authentic as I recalled from our visits to Germany, while my wife commented that it was just like her grandmother's cooking. About the only thing that I was not as pleased with, was the spatsle (spelling?), which I thought was a bit underdone, and not in the German style. It reminded me more of an Italian pasta in shape. Sorry, but we didn't have room for dessert...
Rainbow Pizza San Mateo, CA
The name says Rainbow PIZZA, but they serve more than Pizza here. A recent return here prompted this review. I have always felt positive about the Pizza. There is no question they serve one of the best in the county. But they also make some outstanding Greek dishes too. They recently expanded the place, and the larger eating areas mean a much shorter wait than in the past.
Stacks Redwood City, CA
Have been twice since Stacks opened their second location here in Redwood City. (the original Statcks is in Burlingame) It's previous incarnation was the Golden West Pancake restaurant, and this is a marvelous transformation. The food is just great and as the name implies, Stacks does pancakes well. These are the as-big-as-your-plate kind, and stacked three high on an order. Other breakfast foods abound, all is fresh and the nice presentation is a plus. Service suffers a bit on the weekends as it is a thoroughly busy place. They have sidewalk seating and free coffee while you wait for your table. If you're in a party of more than four, I'd suggest calling ahead. It's my new favorite place for Sunday Brunch now. Last visit was a party of eight, and the total cost including tip was under $80, try that one of those brunch buffet places.
Tied House Cafe & Brewery Mountain View, CA
Have been to the Tied House on many occassions, and as with the above reviews, I could write one that went either way. I have had both good and bad experiences here, but most have been positive. For me, the better things about the Tied House, is that it's a great early dinner place when you want to go to the movies or a concert at Shoreline. The food is mostly decent and the beer above average. It's a great meeting place and it's easy to get to. Of the food items, the appetizers are clearly the best things on the menu. The regular dinner items will be great on one visit and merely okay on the next. They could do something about the inconsistencies between visits. A grudging 3 stars this time, they are better than average.
Szechwan Court Belmont, CA
Szechwan Court is a very small place just North of the San Carlos border. It appears to be a favorite lunch place, but was rather empty on a Monday evening. The food was very good, and one dish, a pork with pickled Chinese cabbage, was fantastic. I agree that the food could have been warmer, and I also think it could use less oil, but overall I was more than pleased with our choices and the way they were prepared. (note, there is a Jujitsu dojo next door, so try a table away from the adjoining wall)
Sneakers Pub & Grill San Carlos, CA
Not sure where the above reviewers went, but Sneakers is not the "Best in Class" or even "Excellent". Places like City Pub and Taxi's are closer to that rank than this place could ever hope to be. The burgers are good, maybe a bit better than average. On the whole, an average to above average place of minor distinction. Disapointing given the hype.
China Village Restaurant Belmont, CA
This is the place to go for Dim Sum on the Pennisula. We go there nearly once a month and always lament leaving when more items come out of the kitchen that we haven't tried yet, but are too full to eat. The braised asparagus spears and the crusted prawns are special items that we really enjoy.
Cook's Seafood Menlo Park, CA
Cooks is a great place for fish, when you're not up for going out to a sitdown seafood restaurant. The fish and chips and the crab and shrimp louies are my favorites.
Golden Crown Restaurant Santa Clara, CA
A favorite place of a friend, I've been there on three occasions, and have not been disapointed with any menu item. There are a couple of dishes that are not the standard fare, the Mongolian Chicken for one. Nice to get a favorite dish made differently than the norm. Good food in abundance, friendly service, what's not to like. Located at Woodhams and Stevens Creek.
King Chwan Chinese Restaurant San Carlos, CA
I'd say this was about average for a Chinese restaurant, but for an American/Chinese restaurant, it gets above average. I make a point here as there were no diners that were of asian heritage. Secondly, forks were provided, not chop-sticks. That said, I must say the food was delicious. We started with the Deluxe Won Ton soup, which had a fair nuimber of large and tasty won tons. The Chicken Salad was just okay despite the fresh lettuce and great dressing. Both the Satay Imperial Pork and the Shrimp with Lobster sauce were fabulous. The Satay was especially good, including presentation. The only distractions, were the lack of service, though it appeared they may have been shorthanded that evening, and the glass over the white tablecloths mentioned in the above review.
A B C Ocean Restaurant San Carlos, CA
Hey, this place is GONE... as in they tore down the building to make room for the Rail Road tracks while they work on the grade separation for Holly Street.
Giovanni's Italian Restaurant Santa Clara, CA
After reading the above reviews, we tried Giovanni's for lunch and were very pleased with the place. We were four, and we each picked a different item for lunch. Mine was a chicken and artichoke in corkscrew pasta with a white wine sauce that was steaming hot and just perfect. I eyed the salmon and bow-tie pasta in a light cream sauce that another ordered, and looked wistfully at the angel-hair pasta with prawns in a tomato sauce. The menu is chock-full of choices that I am sure will not disappoint. As noted, the breadsticks were similar to Florentine's, and better in my opinion. Two had salads which looked very good, and I tried the tomato basil soup of the day which was fabulous. The service was quick but unhurried and very friendly. The atmosphere could use a lot of improvement, as it still retains a Cafe counter from it's previous life.
Elegant Garden Chinese Rest Santa Clara, CA
A favorite lunch spot, the specials are good and inexpensive. I also like the noodle soups, especially the combination seafood version. The soup can be ordered in a hot style in addition to the normal version. Very friendly staff.
Ben Franks Restaurants Redwood City, CA
Okay, it's a fast food place, but someone has to write a review for the place. As a hot dog place, there are few to compare it to, however the food is well prepared and the limited selection just means that there are no bad items on the menu. Watch out for the hot link, it really is hot! Another thing to be wary of, is ordering fries, the large is like ordering two large fries at any of the other fast food places. Ditto for the onion rings. If you want a change of pace from the hamburger places, and get good value for the money, check out Ben Franks.
La Rotonda Redwood City, CA
Had dinner here on one of their special dinner nights. Was not all that impressed. Granted, it was decent food for a decent price that evening, but I would not have thought so if we had paid full price. As this is where Clark's By the Bay was, the views from almost any seat are worth the drive out Seaport Blvd. For me, there are better italian restaurants closer to home that I much prefer. One more note, My wife commented that the restaurant seemed quite full of elderly people, while ourselves and a neighbor who happened to be there the same evening were among the few younger people around (and I'm 46!)
Broiler Express San Carlos, CA
This is a family restaurant providing decent food at a reasonable price, within a short time frame. They provide a bit more than burgers and chicken dinners. My favorite is the meat loaf, and the soups are well done as well. I think of it as a place to go when I want more than a burger, but don't have the time to go to a more traditional restaurant. Atmosphere is limited, but we do like the Eric Brown prints.
Windy City Pizza San Mateo, CA
Having moved from a rather dismal place to Borel Square, Windy City is once again a favorite place to go OUT for pizza. They specialize in Chicago style Deep-Dish pizzas and Chicago ribs as well. Having been to the original Uno's in Chicago, (and my wife is from there), this is a fair copy of the original, and far superior to the chain of Uno's that dot the Bay Area. The ribs are very good, and worth getting. As for pricing, two large pizzas can feed 8 adults with ease, By the second piece, you're not sure you can eat a third...
Creo La. San Carlos, CA
Although situated just North of Holy Street on El Camino, Creo La. could be easily missed, however I hope you don't miss an opportunity to try out this little gem. The interior is a bit too open, but it does have some nice features that lend a flavor of the New Orleans environment. The food is nothing short of fantastic. My wife had the Soup du jour, a cream of artichoke that the waitress brought us a small amout to taste before ordering. We both enjoyed it, but I wanted to try the Seafood Gumbo which surpassed the artichoke soup by far. Just enough spice to lend some tingling to the tongue, but not too much to scare off a spice wimp. Of the two main dishes we tried, my wife's choice was the better. Shrimp Creo La, sauteed Louisiana Gulf Shrimp on top of a shrimp, crab and crawfish seafood stffing, and topped with a smoked tomato Beurre Blanc. It was a marvel to taste. The Black Cat, a pan blackened catfish was my choice, it came with a little hollandaise, slivered almonds and was served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegitables. It was delectable. We finished by sharing a bread pudding that we both scarfed down so fast, that we contimplated ordering a second to make sure we really did like it. Dinners range from $9 to $16, but soups and salads are extra. They have a special that adds soup, slade and dessert for $10 additional. We'll be back for sure!