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Restaurant Name City
Bob Evans Farm Restaurant Marion, IL
Bob Evans has the BEST cheddar baked potato soup that I've ever tasted! I recommend it to anyone who dines there.
Cracker Barrell Marion, IL
The calzone's they have are wonderful and the service is great! I also love their breadsticks and the fact that you can have as many as you want.
Fazoli's Marion, IL
The food is really good here and it's not at all like fast food. It tastes like they really took time to make good food.
Hideout Steakhouse Marion, IL
This place has the best caesar salads that I've ever tasted. The food is delicious and the service is great.
HRH Dumplin's Marion, IL
I love this place! The food is delicious and made with great care. If you go there, check the cheese cake out, because it's the best ever!
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Marion, IL
The food here is okay. The problem is it's bar setting is not friendly to the non-drinking customer.
Ryan's Restaurant Marion, IL
I don't personally like smorgasboard type restaurants. This is a place for you if you have kids. The food is okay, but the enviorment isn't.
Sonic Drive-In Marion, IL
The service is great, it's just too bad the food isn't. Their ice cream is good, but the burgers don't taste good.
Hungry Pancake House & Family West Frankfort, IL
The prices are good, but the service, atmosphere, and food aren't so great. The food tastes like an inexperienced cook made it or like what I'd make at home for myself.
Triple E Plus West Frankfort, IL
The last time I was at this restaurant I was very disappointed at the service and the food. The food was horrible and the fries didn't even taste very good and it's hard to mess up a french fry.
Mike's Drive-In West Frankfort, IL
I think the food here is pretty good. I had the taco salad here once and it tasted good. I like their burgers and ice cream. It's a really nice drive-in restaurant to go to if that's what you're looking for.
Larry's Pit BBQ Christopher, IL
If you like barbecue and country cooking than this is the place for you! They have the BEST barbecue I've ever tasted and all their side dishes are delicious and very down home tasting. I strongly recommend trying the barbecue here if you haven't.
Bonanaza Benton, IL
Even though this is a smorgasboard kind of restaurant, the food isn't so bad. The salad is very good and I like all the extra trimming you can put on it. The food here is always hot and tastes good if you're real hungry.
Full Moon House Chinese Benton, IL
The sweet and sour chicken from here is really good and I especially like the egg rolls. The food is hot, which isn't always the case in Chinese restaurants, and the service is friendly and prompt.
Martin's Sandwich Shop Benton, IL
The sandwiches here are so delicious and appealing to the eye. If you want a great meal that's not too expensive and one that you don't have to dress up for, go here and have at it.
Mr D's Benton, IL
This is not a pricy place to eat! The food is great and it's cheap. The service is always fast, unless it's really busy. They always have a deal that's cheap. You can get a burger, fry, and coke for a little over two dollars. I love this place and eat here all the time!
Pop's BBQ Benton, IL
The food here is pretty typical of restaurants in this area. It's not bad, but it's nothing special either.
Westside Family Restaurant Benton, IL
The food here is cheap and they stay open late. It's got a real cozy atmosphere. I enjoy the food here, but it's nothing new to this area and so that's why I didn't give it a very high rating.
Corner Diner Carbondale, IL
I like the atmosphere of this restaurant. They have really good coffee and french fries. It's really your basic diner food, nothing special.
El Greco Carbondale, IL
The food here is really good and it's something different, rather than going to all the fast food places. I especially like the greek flavor to the food. It's definitely worth trying out.