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Restaurant Name City
Ralph and Rich's Bridgeport, CT
Dropped by for lunch. This place is very old school. The pasta was hot and tasty. The bar was very, very dark. Enjoyed the meal.
Lynnhaven Fish House Rstrnt Virginia Beach, VA
Took the family here for lunch. Very nice location with a great view. The food however was totally mediocre. Was expecting much more based upon the prior reviews. Their signature soup was basically cream with a few bits of crab meat and LOTS of sherry. They gave you more cooking Sherry to pour into it in case you needed to get really soused. Generally was not as impressed as I had hoped to be.
Todd Jurich's Bistro Norfolk, VA
The food and wine were very good. The pecan pie desert was excellent. Now in a new and much larger location at 100 W Main St.
Doumars Barbecue Norfolk, VA
Based upon the reviews here was expecting more. The food is OK and the ice cream is awesome. Service was very fast.
219 Norfolk, VA
The food here is excellent. Service was very good too. Definitely worth a visit. I had the blueberry and peach cobbler for dessert and it was great.
Northern Exposure Bar & Grill Charlottesville, VA
Wasn't overly impressed with either the atmosphere, service or food. This place was definitely busy. We sat inside. If we go back, I'll try the roof next time.
Rapture Charlottesville, VA
A bit on the expensive side, but the food is awesome. We went here around 7 with our toddler after getting zero service from the Hardware Store down the street after a 20 minute wait. The food was MUCH better than I expected. Toddler could be as noisy as she wanted to be. Bar patrons hadn't arrived in droves so the place was family friendly. Will definitely go back.
Carmello's of Charlottesville Charlottesville, VA
We were there early so we had their Sundown special. Soup or salad, selection of 10 entrees and coffee for $12. The food was awesome. Highly recommended.
Straits Cafe Palo Alto, CA
A little on the expensive side for lunch, but the food is so good, I keep going regularly anyway. Highly recommended. I have enjoyed everything I've eaten there to date.
Palo Alto Sol Palo Alto, CA
I was not overly impressed with the food here, but I suspect that has more to do with my personal tastes in Mexican food. My impression is that this food is more authentically Mexican and that I've become used to the more generic fare served elsewhere. Give it a try and come to your own conclusions.
Chef Chu's Los Altos, CA
Would agree that the restraunt needs a face lift. I've been going here for 15 years. I guess the place has grown on me as I don't mind the lack of change. Food is a bit above average. I appreciate the fact the Mr. Chu still makes the rounds in the dining room at lunch to say hello to those he knows and welcome those he does not. I recommend you give Chef Chu's a try and come to your own conclusions.
Citronelle Restaurant San Jose, CA
This restaurant was a nice place to have dinner. The food was excellent and the atmosphere is very peaceful. It's definitely more expensive then other alternatives, but is is also very pleasant and not lit with fluorescent lights. Highly recommended.
Rangoon Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
This place rocks for lunch. Definitely worth a try. It's tiny so go early.
Lucile's Boulder, CO
Eclectic cajun in a renovated house. I had the Ponchatrain eggs. Poached eggs over friend trout covered with a dill bernaise sauce. Side o grits. Biscuit. Tasty and recommended.
Grasing's Carmel, CA
Excellent food, pleasant staff. Highly recommended. We had a variety of meals during our 3 days stay in the area and Grasing's was by far the best. My mahi mahi on a risotto cake was awesome! Definitely worth a try!
Timberline Restaurant Crested Butte, CO
Timberline remains an excellent restaurant well worth a try. They appear to have recently fired all of their wait staff so things are a bit chaotic right now. The food is still good however.
Bath House Pacific Grove, CA
Excellent location. Reception seems to be a bit tardy. We had no problem getting seated, but there were 5 people waiting in line when we arrived. The food was very good. George, our waiter, was very attentive. $105 for dinner for two. The early menu (which must be ordered by 6 PM) is worthy.
Fresh Cream Monterey, CA
An enjoyable, if very hard to find, restaurant. The food was good, but not extraordinary. Prices seem to be about 30% over what they should be. The view of the water was very pleasant. The staff is very attentive and knowledgable. Worth trying once, but we probably won't be going back.
Bizou San Francisco, CA
We had an enjoyeable meal at Bizou. They held our reservation while we caught a bus from Union Square as there were not cabs available in the rain. The service was reasonable given that the restaurant was packed. I enjoyed the lamb shoulder and celery soup. The apple tart desert was awesome.
Whiskey Creek Restaurant and Mercantile Bishop, CA
Enjoyed the beer sampler and chicken pot pie. I was working the low end of the menu. Everything from sandwiches to chops are offered along with a good wine list. Worth a visit!
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