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Carpaccio Menlo Park, CA
Nice place. Certain entrees are great some are OK. The place is always packed at lunch and dinner. Very good food for the area. Would reccomend for a date and would go back there if around the area. (I'm use to Italian Food in The City.)
Rojo's Restaurant & Bar South Lake Tahoe, CA
If you like BBQ, try ROJO'S. I would reccomend dinner. The menu is different during dinner time. Been there about 5 times. Wings for appetizers is a must!! BABY BACK RIBS! SUCCULENT PORK SPARE RIBS! SLOW SMOKED BRISKET! YUUUUUUUUUUUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Very good quality and portions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took several different friends there and none of them were dissapointed, except for a VEGAN friend of mine. PACKER LADY reccomended SPROUTS about three doors down for my friend. Took her there and then brought it back to meat heaven! Very friendly place. Always pack during dinner. Definately one the better places to eat in SOUTH LAKE. The only place bad about the place is that the place has too many PACKER SH_ _ ! Bartender KEVIN is cool!
Caffe Sport San Francisco, CA
Took ten people there and we SCARFED!!!!!! MOUWED!!!!!! DEVOUWERED!!!! BURPED!!!! TOOK NO PRISONERS!!!!! We also pissed off the people around us, but by the end of the evening we were sharing wine and toasting the evening away. Matt McFerrin, this place is ITALIAN. The service and food was legendary!!!! You have to know how to enjoy a place like this. You have to know how to entertain. You have to be the MAN! The waiters were classic! I always get "comments" from the waiters, you just have to know what to say. Enjoy your next dinner!
Helmand Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I once knew an Afghani girl who knew how to really cook. One time she cook this one dish with chicken and rice with all these different spices and it was awesome. We thought it would be enough food for me and my other roommates for a week! We scarfed it down that night! She gave me the recipe and its always been a hit. Anyways, I could never find an Afghani restuarant anywhere. Until I saw Helmand's on Broadway. About three months later, I tried it with some VERY VERY VERY picky friends of mine. Some other friends of mine highly reccomended the place so I made it a point to try it. It wasn't what I expected. The place was very nice! The outside of the restaurant looked typical of the neighborhood. Two of the people we were with just scarfed down a huge carne asada burrito, so ther were not expecting to eat, maybe just some appetizers. They read the menu and their taste buds started to kick in. We all ordered a full course dinner along with appetizers, desserts and wine. Everything was spectacular! Helmand's REALLY know how to use spices and sauces to compliment their main courses and appetizers. We were all curious about each others' plates so we shared. The appetizers are a must! We got the sample platter. Go for it!! If my friend L$#!@$ (food baby! worse than a baby) can eat there and enjoy it, everyone in the world will love it! If you want to impress someone try Helmand's. I GAURANTEE IT! They do have a VEGAN section on the menu.