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Restaurant Name City
John Ash & Co. Santa Rosa, CA
We arranged a "company" dinner for the holidays and were generally very pleased. Although expensive, the quality of the food, the excellent wine selection, as well as the high level of service makes this a worthwile experience.
Millennium San Francisco, CA
As a vegetarian restaurant, Millennium is excellent. The dishes are very creative and unique, utilizing a spectrum of (sometimes strong but usually quite tasty) spices and herbs. The desserts were decadently scrumptious. The service was attentive, courteous, and prompt. Prices are in line with the quality of the restaurant. I went with a friend on a Saturday evening, and my experience was fabulous. I hope my particular experience was not uniquely optimistic, but I am compelled to give the experience five stars. Definitely worth a try, even if you are a confirmed carnivore.
Left Bank Menlo Park Menlo Park, CA
This has become an extremely popular hang out in Menlo Park. Crowds of quite a mix of folks can be seen milling about on weekends and holidays. The food, although not in the top tier in the bay area, is quite decent and nicely presented. I have dined here several times, and the service is usually (but unfortunately not always) attentive and polite. The atmosphere can be quite loud and intrusive, making it less desirable for intimate encounters. Overall, however, it is a worthwhile addition to the peninsula's culinary armamentarium.
Viognier San Mateo, CA
Definitely a keeper. Part of the San Mateo Draegers complex with the cooking school located a sliding glass door away. Attractive but casual surroundings. Curteous, generally attentive staff. Quite inventive offerings and a solid wine list. Foie Gras is nicely done. Veal Loin (with Hazelnut coating) and Grilled Scallops were both excellent. A Frozen Almond Souffle was superb and exemplary of the inventive and generally well executed dishes. Expect full dinner for two without wine $70-90. This is going on my list.
Applewood Inn Menlo Park, CA
Second to none in the Bay Area for their style of pizza (style = generally unconventional and excellent combinations of toppings). They will also gladly customize and mix pizzas to your specs. Also try the Applewood 2 Go across the street for those "eat in" nights.
Kabul Afghan Cuisine San Carlos, CA
A nice find in San Carlos. Excellent shish kebab lamb and beef. Also try the dumplings. Portions are generous. Low key but decorus atmosphere. Very polite and prompt service. I will be going back.
City Pub Redwood City, CA
Great burgers (cooked by someone who actually knows the meaning of "medium rare") and wedge cut fries. Also try the stuffed jalapenos. Very nice for a sunny weekend afternoon on a sidewalk table for a relaxed casual meal.