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Golden Nugget Pancake House Chicago, IL
The food is average at best, The best thing about it is that it's always open and at least you have abit of variety
Harold's Chicken Shack Chicago, IL
I used to think that all Harold's Chicken Shacks were the same, but I was wrong. This one is take-out only (unless you want to stand and eat), and the chicken is definitely not made like others I've been too. It's still ok, but it would be worth it to find another one. My personal favorite is on 127th and Halsted
Sam's Chicken & Rib Chicago, IL
To be honest I've never had the chicken here, but this place has THE BEST RIB TIPS I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!All my friends agree. The secret is the sauce and the tenderness. It's not in the best neighborhood, but worth the adventure.
McDonalds Chicago, IL
What is there to say? It's not the best, but they're doing something right. They've been around forever
Ricobene's Chicago, IL
The steak sandwich is a must! Breaded stea, peppers and sauce. Don't leave without an order of fries either!
Burrito King Chicago, IL
Late at night and you're starving huh? Well this is it. Great burrito is enough to share. Definitely not stingy with the ingredients. If you like burritos you'll be happy
Pepes Mexican Restaurants Chicago, IL
Nice place with plenty of seating. Food was great. Ask for a pitcher of water for the salsa that comes (HOT). Try the fajitas, griiled steak, chicken, shrimp, or combo with onions, gren peppers, tortillas, sour cream... You may need a litle time to sit and digest *smile*
Carson's The Place For Ribs Chicago, IL
I've had better ribs on a bun. I should have known better when I saw the WHITE LINEN tablecloths and napkins. No respectable rib place would do that. Good ribs are messy and these certainly were not. You can achieve the same at home with a bottle of basic sauce and your oven. I won't even mention the prices.
Kenny's For Ribs & Pizza Chicago, IL
The ribs are pretty good, but Kenny's just has name recognition. If you want good ribs you can go here but if you want GREAT ribs there are hundreds better than Kennys
J & J Fish Chicago, IL
Pretty good, but should be categorized with fast food. The perch is probably the best thing they have. Nice portions for your money, but like I said, more of a fast food joint.
Lawrence Fish Market Chicago, IL
Kind of a fast food place, but they've got great food, cooked or raw. It's a bitg out of the way but a good place to stop. No seats though.
Soul Queen Restaurant Chicago, IL
Very good food made by a bunch of grandmas and uncles. Not the healthiest food in the world but it sure does taste good. Full of photos and memorobilia showing how famous the restaraunt is.
Taqueria Tepa Des Plaines, IL
Small places usually have the best food. Statement definitely hods true for this small homestyle Mexican resaraunt. The pico de gallo will burn a hole in the floorboards so be careful :)
Georges Rib House Harvey, IL
when you get to Harvey just follow the smell. You can smell these great ribs for miles. Awfully tender and smotthered in great sauce. Get there early, there's usually a line, but worth the wait.
Willie's Wee Nee Wagon Harvey, IL
Pretty good for a hot dog stand but I honestly don't think they're open anymore. If they are, the double cheeseburger is a must!
Willie's Wee Nee Wagon Harvey, IL
Pretty good for a hot dog stand but I honestly don't think they're open anymore. If they are, the double cheeseburger is a must!
Dock's Great Fish Matteson, IL
Great fish in a fastfood establishment. The Fishwich is undoubtedly the best fish sandwich you'll ver eat. 2 big fillets, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce on a whole wheat submrine style roll. the shakes are pretty good especially the Dockberry.
Don Juan Mexican and Seafood Restaurant Palmdale, CA
Overpriced bad food in a nice restaurant. My mother always said if you don't have anything nice to say...
Shakey's Pizza Palmdale, CA
It's a fun place to go to hang out, but I hope you're not very hungry, a smorgasbord of stuff you probably don't want a lot of anyway.
China Buffet Jacksonville, FL
Really nice place with above average food. If you're hungry thet'll fix that. All kinds of different things to try so be adventurous.