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Recent reviews by Ben S.
Restaurant Name City
Lawry's The Prime Rib Beverly Hills, CA
This restaurant may be expensive but it is really worth it! The food is very high in quality and taste!
New York Bagel Co Los Angeles, CA
This restaurant has a deli along with the bagels. I have only eated the bagels here, and they are nice and big.
Bombay Cafe Los Angeles, CA
This is a great restuarant!! The food is very good and the restaurant is nice and clean. They have a large menu and have some of the best Indian food in LA!
California Chicken Cafe Santa Monica, CA
This resaurant has very good food! The food is expensive, but the place is worth it. They have good chicken and salads, but not too many side dishes to go with it.
Corner Cafe & Bakery Los Angeles, CA
This restaurant is located in the Century City Shopping center. The restaurant mainly has baked goods, like muffins, bagels, cakes, but also has smoothies. The food is good and the selection is good too.
Wolfgang Puck Cafe Santa Monica, CA
This is a great restaurant. The food is expensive, but is really good and high quality. They have a bar and big menu with many good food items. The place is always busy and is a bit loud, but the food is worth it.
Bombay Palace Beverly Hills, CA
The food here is good. They have a large menu that is well priced. The restaurant is very nice and the service is great.
Papa John's Pizza Los Angeles, CA
This place delivers and is worth a try. The pizza has an nice taste, that is not too many pizzas have.
Johnnie's New York Pizza Santa Monica, CA
They have good food but the food is expensive. However, the quality is good so it is usually worth paying a little extra.
California Crisp Los Angeles, CA
This restaurant has good food. They make it fresh in front of you and have a nice selection of food.
Junior's Restaurant Delicatess Los Angeles, CA
This deli has good food. Some of their dishes are much better than others, and some are great. The food is expensive and the service could be better.
George Petrelli's Steak House Culver City, CA
This restaurant is usually crowded and the food is good. The service is usually a bit slow but not too bad.