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Restaurant Name City
New Broadway Deli & Restaurant East Brunswick, NJ
Thank God East Brunswick has a great Deli Back in the Township.Try it out the food is to die for
Middletown Pancake House Middletown, NJ
Very busy place especially on the weekends.Great food.I like breakfast the best.
Chili's Grill and Bar East Brunswick, NJ
You have to like spicey food or this isnt for you.I went with other people so I didnt know what to expect.I ordered non spicey but it still was.Very nice place to go with a group to talk.
Colonial Diner East Brunswick, NJ
Great baked goods.Hard to get into always busy.Great food but they charge for refills on drinks
East Brunswick Chateau East Brunswick, NJ
I went to a few weddings here and it leaves you speechless.It is so elegant and the waitstaff is very nice.Clean plates for everything.
China Buffet Sayreville, NJ
I have visited many of these type of buffets and I was not that impressed with this one.Service was great but the selection and taste of food was average.
Brunswick Grove East Brunswick, NJ
From the outside it dont look like much but....... You have to try the pizza.Its the best!
Dennys East Brunswick, NJ
Ive been going to this location for years until recently.The quality of the food just kept getting bad.Filthy inside, never any help and when you first walk in the door there is this woman that always sits there smoking up a storm.Great for us non smokers.
EBKFC East Brunswick, NJ
This is one of the cleanest KFC around.The only problem I see and its not just this location are the prices.Its not cheap for two people to eat out here.
Red Lobster East Brunswick, NJ
I enjoy eating here for lunch.Its not as expensive as there dinner menu. The service for the most part is good.
Seville Diner East Brunswick, NJ
Too pricey and the food isnt that great.I ordered a burger medium with onions.I got a burnt burger with boiled onions.They put the burnt side down so I wouldnt see it but yuk you could taste it.Ive also tried the eggs and they werent nothing special except for the overpricing.
Copper Mountain Steakhouse East Brunswick, NJ
I had the prime rib which was very big and good.Small salad bar but good.I enjoyed the walls inside.
Mr Dee's Hot Dogs Parlin, NJ
Prices are not too high.Food is average nothing to go crazy over. I had a chili dog and I didnt like the taste of the chili.I took it back and they replaced it with something else.
Sayreville Bar & Restaurant Sayreville, NJ
My friends had a wake party here and this was the first time I ate there. It was great great food.Only problem is I havent been able to get back they are always busy.Wonder Why?
Olde Silver Tavern Englishtown, NJ
Try the mash potatoes and gravy they are out of this world.I dont eat masheys often but I do when I eat here.No mater what I order I always get the mashes.They make great Chicken Marsala and London Broil and...... Lots of noise and rickety chairs but great food.
Tastee Sub Shop II Franklin Park, NJ
Very busy most of the time.Subs are good but I wish they would get a better sub roll.Its too spongey.Overall about the best around.
Hometown Buffet Edison, NJ
You never leave hungry let me tell you.They have good food sometimes they are slow refilling the trays.
Tastee Sub Shop Edison, NJ
Great subs but no parking.Hard to get in and out of because that area is always so busy.Good food!
Jersey Freeze Freehold, NJ
Good food but a little over priced.Two people and it winds up costing $15.00 for fast food.A nice treat once in awhile.
Forsgate Country Club Jamesburg, NJ
I ate here once and only once.There is areason for that.Nice if you want to hob knob with the upper crusty but food wise .....I have had better at some fast food places. Nice place if you want to make an impression with someone.