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Red Coat Tvern Royal Oak, MI
Love the burgers here! Nice and big. Nice and juicy. Cooked to order and they come in all combinations and variations. It's hard to find a great burger place and this one really is.
The Lark West Bloomfield, MI
This is a place to go to when it is "an occasion." It is expensive and very good. It is a gourmet restaurant with a fine wine list and the ambiance, food preparation and service are second to none. We have eaten here about four times in the twenty-five plus years we have lived in Michigan and it has been spectacular each time. Take it slow, savor every course and enjoy the total experience. As I recall, they have wine flights and a beautiful dessert cart.
Hot-N-Now Pontiac, MI
It's gone
Charley's Crab Troy, MI
I think Charies is coasting. It used to be a treat to go there and now it is more of a bore. The menu hasn't cahnged but the priced have risen with the times. The seafood is always good, mind you and the "standard" specialties are good, such as the charleis chowder, the martha's vinyard salad and the great buttery bread that they serve. But I somehow wish they would do something more exciting to want me to come back more often. This is a nice tablecloth kind of a place with prices to match. They serve a big buffet on Sundays, but that too has gotten boring, even though it is very nice (and excensive). I just expect more from the top of the Muer chain.
Lucich Family Restaurant Troy, MI
Like peirogis? Saurekraut and polish sausages? This is the place for you! It is a diner stle atmosphere and down home freindly service. Prices are reasonable and portions are hearty and everything seems homemade. I really like this place and when I need a plish fix and don't want to go to Hamtrmyk, Lucich's is there.
Texas Roadhouse Madison Heights, MI
Well, it's a chain and you can tell. And it's not a fancy steakhouse, and you can tell. But it's not bad as the prices are reasonable and the food is not bad. It's casual and a decent dining experience.
Brooklyn Pizza Birmingham, MI
THis is New York Style Pizza served almost exclusively by the slice. You can get a pie, but most everyone just orders slices here. It is a tiny place and there aren't many tables or any big ones, but I like going here because the pizza is really good. It is pretty picey as pizza goes though. You can pay $ 3.75 for a slice. But it is nice thin crusted yuppie pizza and nicely prepared. If you want it reheated they will do that for you of course and since I like it hot, I always ask for that. I think the woners must be be following dietary laws, because the sausage and pepperoni are not pork based. But you cannot tell by the taste and they both taste great. They also serve sodas and ice cream and that's about all. This place is frequented by "mommies and kiddies", but business people go here too. If you miss NY style pizza, this place gets you about 90 percent there. You won't think you are at Joes on Carmine Street, but you will like it if you hail from the east coast.
Alban's Bottle & Basket Birmingham, MI
It's gone.
Morton's of Chicago Southfield, MI
I thought this was on Lois Lane. How can you forget that address? Very expensive and very good. the meatsa re prepared perfectly and are so rich you feel ashamed to have been such a glutton. Everything is ala carte, so you order salad, veggies and starches all separately and of course you can share these. The creamed spinach is terrific. I love the porterhouse and have ordered the porterhouse for two and split that. They bring out a tray showing the items before preparation so you can get an idea how huge the portions are. Bring a lot of money or expect to melt your credit card.
Breadbasket Southfield, MI
BIG sandwiches. Good corned beef. Terrible interior and not exactly what you would call fancy. I thought the corned beef was good, but the pastrami was not. The person I went with took half her sandwich home and ate that half twice. Go hungry!
Food Dance Cafe Kalamazoo, MI
I must apologize. I've eaten here four times and I just don't get it. To me it seems pretentious, overpriced and not satisfying. And I don't "love" being forced to eat breakfast on the weekends. The service has never been even adequate and the gee-whiz attitude is underserved. There aren't a lot of great places in kazoo and this isn't one either.
Mancino's Ann Arbor, MI
Piza? Not really. Grinders? Not really. Good value? Not really. Don't bother.
Holiday's Restaurant Ann Arbor, MI
I've tried this place twice and the second time I kicked myself for not remembering hwo little I liked it the first time. Overpriced, not well prepared family restaurant fare in a venue that caters to the octegenarian set. I had the rough equivalent of a Cobb salad. I ordered the large one too. It was skimpy and pricey and not very appetizing. The waitress casually asked me if I wanted to add a cup of soup and I said "sure, why not." Whell the soup, clam chowder, came . It was a tiny cup of floury glue and it was way over-priced. So a salad and a cup of glue with a glass of water cost me about $ 14.00. No bargain and guess what? I'm not running back a third time.
Amer's Delicatessen Ann Arbor, MI
I thinkk these guys are trying to be Zingermans. They don't have a prayer. The deli is OK and the variety is good, but when you are a deli in the town that has the best deli in the world, what can you do?
Blimpyburger Ann Arbor, MI
Just don't annoy the grill man. The lines are long, the place is not exactly elegant, but if you kike a really good burger cooked in meatball increments, this is the place for you. And you can REALLY have it your way. All kinds of toppings and condiments, differnt kinds of buns, 2, 3. 4, and up portions of meat. It's all there. I like this place. IT has personality and style.
Flim Flam Restaurant & Deli Ann Arbor, MI
I have managed to avoid this place and have driven by when I was very hungry. IT is cheap and bad.
Sze-Chuan Ann Arbor Restaurant Ann Arbor, MI
First you have to get used to eating in a cave with stalagtites and stalagmites everywhere. Yes the decor is weird. The lunch specials are a great value. Service can be variable, but they serve nice large portions and the food is always hot and usually pretty good. I did have a nice spicy eggplant dish there and can reccomend that. The Ma Po Tofu was uninspiring as was the twice cooked pork. The hot and sour soup isn't hot enough or sour enough for me and had no meat in it. The spring rools are sometimes perfect and other times overly greasy. But if you are looking for a cheap big lunch and you are in the neighborhood, it is not a bad place at all.
Godaiko Japanese Restaurant Ann Arbor, MI
Well, it's yuppie Japanese food at this place. They do offer a combo plate at lunch time, or at least they did the couple of times I went there. And that is a great food value. I also tried some of the sushi and it was not bad. The Nabeyaki Udon soup was a nice rendition and was a challenge to finish. But I did not get the feeling that I just got off the subway train in Tokyo. This is Japanese food made for tourists for sure.
Banfield's Westside Grill Ann Arbor, MI
Well, I like the fish and chips they offer on Fridays, and the burgers and fries can be pretty good. But guests complain that this is a smoky bar even when you take them to the back room that is all non-smoking. Sometimes in the summer they serve a nice Cobb Salad and when they have that, it is great. Also, in the summers they fire up the barbeque grill and fresh grill lots of items including steaks. IT is worth going here every once in a while.
Creekside Bar and Grill Ann Arbor, MI
Well, when this place was one of the only places to eat in the area it did better. Now the parking lot is never really full. The sandiwches, although creative are not anything special and the soups are overpriced and also no big deal. They do serve alcohol, which I guess is a draw for some folks, but with high prices and mediocre food, this place could easily be avoided.
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