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Restaurant Name City
Pearl Street Grill & Brewery Buffalo, NY
Nice place it to in downtown Buffalo, it close to the HSBC Arena, home made beer is tasty.
Johnny B's Soda Bar & Grill Buffalo, NY
A great place to go for ice cream! Never had dinner there just dessert, they make a killer sundae.
Harbor Lights Tacoma, WA
A very busy place but well worth the wait. The seafood is great. Service is wonderful. Can't wait to go back.
Nickel City Cafe Buffalo, NY
It's no longer Nickel City Cafe. It is now Bernie's. They need some tine to get it together, I was there 2 days after the grand opening and I don't think anyone was exactly sure what to do. With time I think it'll be a pretty good place to eat.
Aunt Catfish's On the River Daytona Beach, FL
Well worth the wait. I love the salad bar. Beautiful view. Over all excellent place to eat.
Hoagie Brothers Giant Subs Buffalo, NY
Great subs the best in the area. Well worth the couple extra bucks per sub. Staff is always friendly.
Roncones Rochester, NY
Excellet resturant, health size portions of everything. The bread is out of this world. If your in the mood for italian this is the place to be. Service is great.
Sunflowers Restaurant Depew, NY
Very, very busy place for breakfast. Food was good. Service was excellent for as busy as the place gets. Parking is the major problem.
La-Castelanna Depew, NY
Great homey atmospher, very pleasant staff. Food was execelent, my daughter (age 5) loves it, they treated her like an adult. Great family resturant. Can get quit busy around supper time, but it's well worth the wait.
Salvatore's Italian Gardens Depew, NY
Very fancy gardens in front of resturant. I think prices are to high. Atmospher very elagant.
Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls, ON
The food was great. Prices kind of high for a hamburger, but it's a fun place to eat. Service was excelent.
Skylon Tower Niagara Falls, ON
The food is good but the view of Niagara Falls is execelent. It is a tourist hot spot so it's very crowded for dinner.
Anchor Bar Buffalo, NY
By far the best Buffalo Wings. Great service. Very crowded on the weakends. Worth the wait if you want the best wings anywhere.
Parkside Candy Co. Buffalo, NY
An old fashion soda fountain. A fun place to take the kids for some old fashion fun. Prices kind of high but the atmospher is great.
Golden Buffalo Dynasty II Buffalo, NY
The buffet is wonderful. Great combination of Chinese and American foood. It's my sisters favorit place to take the kids. The service out of this world. Would recommend this place.
Athens Family Restaurant Buffalo, NY
Very affordable great for large families. Comfortable atmospher. Great breakfast specials.
Circus Circus Buffet Las Vegas, NV
Very noisy, very crowded, very cheap but for a few bucks more I'd goo somewhere else.
Napoli Pizza Wellsville, NY
Great pizza, delivered hot to the door. Average delivery time about 30 minutes.
Pappas Drive-In & Family New Smyrna Beach, FL
Excellecnt service. Great place to go for breakfast. They have very good specials.
Berrafato's Char-Pit Clarence, NY
Fast service. Great selection of hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and ice cream. Excellent on hot summer days.