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Ebisu Restaurant San Francisco, CA
I would've given this restaurant a 3 stars if I hadn't had to wait 1 hour 15 minutes for a table. The line went faster for sushi bar, but the waitress refused to seat us because my father does not eat sushi. When we finally got our table, the three of us ordered sushi a la carte while my father ordered kaki fry. The waitress kept forgetting our orders (rice, tea, etc.), but we just felt sorry for her since it was apparent the restaurant was too crowded for the 2-3 waitresses to handle. The restaurant was noisy, the tables cramped together, and the air stuffy. As for the food, it was average. The fish was fresh, but the nigiri pieces were 10% smaller than normal. (I'm comparing to the sushi served at Millbrae's Osho, Foster City's Tokie, and San Jose's Tomisushi.) My father's kaki fry on the other hand was excellent. If this restaurant has the best sushi in San Francisco, then I'd prefer eating sushi outside the city.
Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine Redwood City, CA
I can't believe this restaurant ranked top in Redwood City. After reading all these reviews, I organized a group lunch here. Everyone was disappointed. Then I switched group and a co-worker picked this restaurant again after reading these reviews. *sigh* The food wasn't bad or anything, but what a let-down after reading so many people saying this is the best Thai restaurant. I can easily name a restaurant in Palo Alto, or one in Menlo Park, or one in Berkeley, that serves better Thai food then this restaurant. If you're after cheap decent food, this is the place.
Chez Tj Mountain View, CA
I've only eaten here once, so maybe the chef and waiter just had a bad day that day. The service at the beginning was excellent. My friend ordered the Menu Gastronomique ($60) and I ordered the Menu Petite ($48). The food started out delicious, which was what we expected (from reading all the good reviews). Everything was perfect until we got to the main entree. My friend chose the lamb, which was extremely tough and fatty. I chose the chicken with mushroom; the chicken was tasteless, but I managed to eat it since at least it was not bitter like the mushrooms. It was painful watching my friend fought with the lamb, so I asked the waiter for a steak knife for him. What do you know, the waiter said they don't carry any steak knifes. At one point I saw my friend's right hand shaking for pressing the knife too hard. After the main entrees, we were so eager to leave the we didn't mind the fact that the waiter forgot that my friend's menu included the cheeses and pre-desert and coffee and gave us the dessert menu right away. We ate our desserts (my huckleberry cheesecake was too sour btw) and left home for our Tagamet.
Sent Sovi Saratoga, CA
This is the best restaurant I have ever visited. It's 5 stars in all aspects: decor, service, food, everything (excluding the wine list, which I can't comment since I don't drink). Sent Sovi's menu has two sides: prix-fixe (with or without wines) and a la carte. Since my friend and I weren't hungry enough for the prix-fixe dinner, we made our selection from the a la carte menu. While deciding what to order, a "pre-appetizer" puff pastry with avocado and cranberry cream was served. We ended up ordering a peasant risotto appetizer, and my friend ordered a pork loin and I ordered a steak. When the appetizer was served, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the chef has splitted the portion in halves and put them on separate plates for us. Then dinner was served and the tastes was marvelous. I can't comment on my friend's pork loin since he refused to let me have more than one bite, but my steak was tastefully done. It's pink but not red or black (yes I'm weird; I like medium-well steak), and it's small enough (probably 3-4 oz?) for me to finish. The accompanying vegetables were delicious too. It's just the perfect steak dish that I've always dreamed of but never have got from other restaurants. Afterwards my friend ordered a warm chocolate tart which was second only to the belgian chocolate cake served in another Fremont restaurant. Our bill came with two cookies. While looking over the bill, my friend munched one of the cookies in one bite before exclaiming how wonderful it was. I took a bite and it was indeed very well baked: slightly crunchy on the surface but soft in the inside, with a pinch of almond taste but not too strong. I ended up paying $100 including tips. It's probably one of my best-spent $100.
Higashi-West Palo Alto, CA
I ate at this restaurant three years ago when I was still at school, and the food was just sublime. And yes, the entrees were served in big portions, and the tastes and decor perfect. When I went back last week, I was surprised to find that they changed the menu. All the entrees are served in "tsunami" (I thought it means tidal wave?) or small portions so that they can be eaten with (or as) appetizers. My friend and I ordered miso soup which cost a month's supply of miso paste and tofu. The Higashi-West roll had no rice; the salmon, shrimp, crab, avocado, and baked mayonnaise combined to give an overly rich taste. The sake chicken tasted as if the chef poured too much sake by accident, and the sauteed salad leaves were soaked in soy sauce. Service was slow at times (esp. when serving tea and the main course). Even though an average entree costs around $8-10, they are served in such small portions that one has to order two to become full. I have yet to find a restaurant in the Bay Area which is half as good as Sawtelle Kitchen in LA. *sigh*